Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Giving Thanks To The Lord At All Times

Well hello hola!!!!

This week was just full of amazing tender mercies of the Lord! I am excited to tell you about that but first I am super happy and excited to say that I am glad to hear about the amazing things going on in the house, like Brant and Kristy now have a baby! That is super cool! Guy and April are now grandparents! Also I am so happy about all the things the family is doing!

Well, I think Alex's new guy is better looking than the others she has picked, he has a light in his eyes, that means he might be better and stay the good missionary he was. I am happy she found one who is still keeping the missionary spirit alive and is still a missionary at heart and not just because of a name tag. Tell her to cherish that and to thank the Lord for that. He could be a good one!

They changed our p-day, now we have until 6pm to do our p-day and we now do our junta or district meeting on Wednesdays at noon, so that is nice. Oh and next week I will not be writing until Wednesday in the afternoon, it is because we are going to the temple, as a zone(I guess that's the benefits of serving in Tampico), so we have to change p-day until Wednesday, so don't get worried. Today, we went to the beach again, so I will send some pictures if I can get them to send.

For Mother's Day, I am thinking it will be the 12th on Sunday and I have to do it before 4pm, Pres. says, but I get to Skype so you might not get to go to church that Sunday. I am really sorry if you don't!

I have been thinking a lot about this week, and I have seen something that the Lord has helped me to see in particular this week and it has really touched my heart a lot! The thing is, giving thanks to the Lord at all times. At this particular time in my mission I happen to have a great comp! He loves to work and all that great jazz! I LOVE THAT! I LOVE TO WORK! And I love that we are seeing so much success, the area is just opening up and it is just taking off because the Lord is helping us so much!

Anyways, I have been thanking the Lord so much this week for just giving me an amazing comp that will help me to grow and that I will help him to grow! I have seen as a result of this that I have been forced to be humble to the Lord because I am having to give thanks! It is a crazy concept, but it really works. When we are in constant thanks of our Heavenly Father, we find it harder to be prideful! I have seen this working in my life and I am super happy that the Lord has taught me this lesson and I pray that we don't forget it. But this is not only applicable with your comp, I have started to apply it with the other parts of the work too, the result, is that the Lord is bringing more love to my heart and helping to love the people in my area even more! My challenge for you this week is that you all can apply this in your life!! I want that all of you can give thanks to your Heavenly Father this week, in the night time and at all times let your hearts be fully drawn out in prayer always in thanks to your God! I don't have much more time but I testify that this will help someone out there and that it will help you all out!

Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for writing and I will watch for the birthday money. Thank you so much! Mom and Poppi, I will watch for your birthday money too. I may use this birthday money to buy new shoes. Mine are falling apart, I already went through the soles I have now. ha

Oh, and yes mom, I am still losing weight. Lots of walking...

Keep doing great things! Have a great week! It is my birthday this week! THE BIG 20! Sooo hit me up or send me something hahs!

Love you all,
Love, Elder Hancock

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