Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Congrats To The Sister And To The Mother

hola familia,

Well, I have just been seeing the rock on Alex's hand! Sister, you are now embarking on a great adventure, please I urge you with all that I have, make it a priority to be humble and love the Lord more than your husband!!! And let him love the Lord more than you. That will assure that you and your children and family will stay worthy and strong in the church all your lives!!! And lastly, GO TO THE TEMPLE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!! You are great and congrats!

Brant and Kristy, your baby is cute. Congrats on the baby blessing! It sounds like it was a great day! :D

I was so happy to get the pictures of Katy! I almost cried from joy, seeing that Katy went thru the temple and got married there. I am so happy for her. Please tell her congrats and that I am so happy for her!

Mom, congrats on the new calling. That is great news! Even though I know you know this, I just wanted to remind you how important all callings are. A secretary is very important because the president and her counselors jobs would not be possible without a secretary to help that happen. It's like the story when Heavenly Father says to one of his kids, asking if they want to serve and of course, they scream yes! Then he assigns them to a place to serve, they immediately say, well, hey now, I don't want to serve there, no one will see me or even know that I am alive… I want to do something great. Then the Lord says, all loving and knowing all, but, I will know what you are doing, I will see everything you do, I will even bless you and help you with what you are doing. Who else needs to know about the calling you have, how it is helping my kingdom. So, I want you to know that your calling is an opportunity to serve, as I know you already know. You have told me time and time again that wherever you are serving, that is immediately the best calling ever! I know you will make everyone in the ward want to be the secretary! You are amazing and I love you more than you know and this is great news to hear!

I am laboring diligently and apparently I need to still be here because I am now going on seven months in the area. All I know is that I am feeling so much growth and I start to cry at the slightest feeling of the spirit now and I am seeing the miracles of the gospel in my life. This is where the gospel really gets fun! It's been good for me, helping elders when they are struggling and having a hard time with something. Sometimes, I forget to be asking the questions that the zone leaders want us to and I just go with what the spirit wants us to, but then I look back on the questions, and they are something that the spirit naturally told me to say, so I am super happy with the spirit!  I LOVE the work!

My pres is staying the same on all the attire and such, he is going to interview all of us on worthiness next change to see if we are worthy to have iPads and such like the First Presidency said we would have. I think it would take the place of the movie players we have now. I will be the strict one with it. The phone remains in my pocket!

Oh so, I just saw something that will make you mad, I forgot the cord to the camera!!!!!!!!!!! NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO ha ha I am super sorry! I know I promised pictures this week. Next week I will, cause tonight I will put the cord in the holder so it is there already for next week.

I have to go now, I love you all and keep doing the great things! I have been praying for you, to have work papi, and fasting for it too. So, I hope you get all you need! You are great! Magnify your callings to the fullest! GO TO THE TEMPLE EVERY WEEK!!!!! It is necessary! I am trying to do all that is right, all the time. Have a great week! Do all the right!

Elder Hancock

P.S. Momma Bear, you have only ten months of wait time ha ha I know you are counting!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wet Shoes And Having The Spirit To Guide

Sooo hello all and all,

This week has been crazy, it has been filled with little tests here and there! I learned a lot of how the spirit can help us in the callings we are given in the gospel. The week was good. Today I got to give another American who is a new missionary a blessing of comfort and strength, I felt power as I gave him the blessing, I knew that it was the Lord putting the words in my mouth. The other cool part of the day today was that along with the cool blessing is that before hand I had the thought to invite another American missionary who is a good guy and has about seven months in the mission. Anyways, I had the thought to bring him also. It was cool to see him testify of the tests he has had in his mission to help this young missionary. I was glad to see that the spirit knew that this missionary maybe just needed an experience with giving a blessing also. So I have seen alot this week, of the ways that the spirit has direct knowledge of everything that we need. In our callings we have, the Lord can bless us with the exact knowledge or with an idea of what we need to do; alot of times it doesn't come until we have thoroughly thought through all the ways we can help the person or what we can do to help Heavenly Father. Something I have seen this week is that when I am talking to the other missionaries, I pray before hand, about how I can help them and if the spirit would help me to know anything that they need to know. I had an experience really cool this week cause I was talking to a missionary and was able to ask him about a certain thing and he told me that it was his worry and wanted to know how I knew, I could just tell him that it was a thought directly from the spirit! I want this for all of you this week; I want you to search for opportunities to hear and follow the spirit! I promise you that it will guide you; now I am not saying that it will be easy or even seem possible, but it will be worth it! There are things in the mission that I am seeing, that the mission is not only just coming out here to teach for two years. In this time and these last couple months, I have learned more and more, that the Lord wants people who are just willing to do what He wants, and He calls them to the work. In other words, I have been able to see that my feelings toward my mission are completely changing and I am loving more the people I serve.

Right now we have had like three or four days of consecutive rain, I LOVE it haha the only bad thing is having to dry my shoes out at night! haha I love the mission though! Also one thing I have seen is that there is no need to whine, or complain, it is because no one ever wants to just sit and listen to a complainer all the time, the occasional is ok, but all the time is just horrible! That is the advise that I have for all future missionaries; never complain, because your comp is trying to do all he can and it just never helps to complain! A thought I had this week was very amazing, I had a thought about learning diligence in my mission, I have had the thought that I have to learn the thing now and if I don't, well then I am never going to learn it, I was certainly wrong! I thought about a comp I have had where both of us wanted to be obedient and diligent, and well, great things happened! I know that the Lord loves us and helps us!

I love you all a lot and I am sooo thankful for all you do. I pray for you every day and night! Go to the temple! You will be blessed! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Hancock