Wednesday, July 25, 2012


July 25, 2012

Hola familia!

Well, things are going amazing!!! I love the MTC! For the 4th of julio they had a little devotional thing for us and then we got to go outside and watch the fireworks going on at the stadium of fire!!! It was quite the party. 
I can't wait to get to Mexico! Everyday I find myself wanting to talk to the natives more and more! I love it when I get the chance to! This week we are having tres dias de solamente espanol!!! That means three days of only Spanish, the first was yesterday and the next is tomorrow and the last is Saturday! I love them because it is a great chance to speak Spanish with others. 

I have heard nothing of visa's yet but when we talked to Jacob Olsen, he said that during his seventh week I think or his eighth week, they took his district up to Salt Lake to get them. We might get to fly up to Boise or Washington or maybe even Vegas, it just depends on how busy the consulate is at Salt Lake.

So this week was a great week! I love the MTC but I am certainly getting really ready to be in Mexico! I am so excited that I can talk some Spanish now but I know that it is only by the power of the Holy Ghost that I have been able to learn any Spanish! Anyway, I will surely love when I get to fly down to Mexico! 

Anyways, this week I have had a lot of opportunities to follow the promptings of the spirit! An Elder this week has been having a tough time because some things! But last night I had the thought to share my testimony in espanol with him! It was super spiritual and I am soo glad that I followed the promptings of the spirit! I have seriously seen the Holy Ghost in my life a lot since I have arrived here! My companion and I are getting better at teaching and only teaching people not lessons! I love when the spirit is guiding the lesson the whole time instead of me just being an idiot trying to teach someone!

It is crazy that I have been in for this long! solamente tres semanas mas en el CCM!!!!!!!! entonces MEXICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day! I love receiving letters from people and I love hearing from you guys, so write back!!!

Con amor, su hijo
Elder Dakotah C. Hancock

Saturday, July 21, 2012


We are so EXCITED!! We had Kotah send home his camera card so we could get some pictures off of it before he goes to Mexico, because he can't unload it onto the MTC computers to email home. At least, he has not figured out a way. Anyway, we don't know any of the missionaries but we love seeing the pictures of Kotah and seeing all the great new friends he's making. We have close to 100 pictures and it's wonderful to see so many missionaries. We are so thankful for his righteous decisions. 

EGADS! I would be so overwhelmed with all that Spanish staring back at me! These boys are definitely blessed to be able to learn so much in so little time!

Look at all those manuals... SIX to be exact! 

I am assuming this is his district or at least part of it. I believe the Elder on the left end is his companion. 

I assume these sisters are in his zone. 

This is Kotah and one of his friends from College. Isn't it neat that they were in the MTC at the same time.


July 18, 2012
Hola familia! This week we got a new District Leader.

I am so grateful for your package! I love it! The raincoat is a just a little big pero that is okay, I will make it fit. I love the bag and the shoes. They were perfect and I am wearing them right now, as a matter of fact :D. I love the food and share all of it. 

I love the MTC, as always! On Tuesday, the oldest district is leaving and then we will be the oldest ones here. That is a crazy feeling! 
I love all the letters and packages from everyone. We have a zone rule that we don't get to read our mail until we get in for the night, so that we have time to concentrate on class and things we need to. So I don't get to even think about them until it is night, but sometimes, they are what that gets me thru a hard day of work. 

As for the language, I had the impression that if you put forth your full effort and try your hardest to learn the language, you will receive God's help in the moment that you need it, just as Alma said to Helaman. [Read Alma's testimony to Helaman in Alma 36]

My companion and I were teaching an investigator for awhile. Anyway, when were teaching him, at the beginning of our lesson, a couple of days ago, he said to us: 
Gracias por su tiempo, peru, yo necessity tiempo, a pienso sobre su mensaje y sobre este nuevo información. [in short he dropped us] My heart instantly sank! I wanted to just sit down and cry my heart out. It hurt so much when he did this. I finally got a taste of how mommy feels. I am sorry I didn't understand completely that. Our teacher talked to us afterwards and he told us that the "real investigator" did the exact same thing to his companion and him. My companion and I are looking at this as a blessing from the Lord because we have learned from it and we are getting another new investigator this week. This week, we teach like 8 or 9 lessons and pick up 4 or 5 new investigators. 

I keep learning the importance of loving people and doing service for them. 

I have memorized the Baptism prayer in espanol. It isn't long, it is: 
Habiendo sido comisionado por Jesucristo, yo te bautizo en el nombre del padre, y del hijo, y del espiritu santo, amen. 

Yo amo ustedes con todo mi corazón! 
Con amor, su hijo
Elder Dakotah C. Hancock


July 11, 2012
Today was fun, we were actually on when he wrote and he had about 10 minutes left that he could write so we got to chat in a few emails. He is doing good. Loves the MTC and the missionary work. He does get a bit frustrated with the time limit on the email because he is afraid it will shut off before he can get the email sent out, so he says that is why he keeps it short. In a letter we got this weekend, I think, he said they have picked up three new investigators this week and should be teaching them the rest of the time he is in the MTC. In his personal study he is studying his Book of Mormon in English and in Spanish together and he says the Spanish is getting better and better everyday and he is excited about that. He has enjoyed having his Mission President in the MTC with him and getting to know him. 
He absolutely loves it when friends and family write to him and he says thank you to all those who have written. Keep writing! I know that those letters mean so much to the missionaries. And is a great place to go and write for free. No hassle of going out to the post office either. lol 

Dear familia,

I like the pics of the sidewalk and the pumpkins are incredible! 

Anyways, I want to say that I really appreciate all the things you all do for me. I love the MTC! Yesterday I was feeling really down in the dumps and feeling pity for myself, then I remembered to myself as I was praying, that I was thinking about me and not much about other people, and I remembered that I NEED to only think about what I can be doing for others. That is the only way I can be happy, so today I taught an elder in my district how to shine his shoes.  This week felt like it went by WAY fast! I feel like I have been in here like only a week maybe two if you are pushing it! Not a month!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

yo se que la iglesia is verdadera con todo me corazon! el lenguas es mucho dificil! pero yo quiero espanol! es mejor! yo se que si usted sevir el Senor, usted will be blessed immensly! (there is a bit of español for you.)

Anyways, I have a friend that got here like two or three weeks ago and he has been sick ever since he got here. Apparently, he doesn't leave his room much or anything so I saw him and he said that he is not doing quite as great as he wants too so I told him to get another blessing, I feel like people sometimes don't get blessings because they are prideful in themselves and think that they can do everything on their own or feel they have to do it all on their own. You have to be humble and be willing to receive a blessing from someone! Anyways, I love this gospel! I talked to his district today and they say that he isn't doing the best but he got a blessing. It may be slow but that is sometimes how the Lord tests us, with patience! I know that my patience(with myself and learning) has been uber tested while I am here at the MTC! I love you all for all that you do! I hope to keep hearing from all of you! 
I hit my MTC hump day this friday! It has been amazing and in a week and a half when the zone leaders leave, then we will be the oldest district in our zone and that is a crazy thought to think about!! I will try to write letters and I love you all! Sorry it isn't the longest letter in the world but I don't have a lot of time on here. 
Elder Dakotah C. Hancock!!!


Last week [June 27,2012], I was so busy I didn't get anything done with Kotah's email but we had a few family things going on that a lot that was written was private, so it wouldn't have mattered much to you all anyway. lol 
BUT, what was neat was that last week they had like 10 to 12 of the 15 there at the MTC and L. Tom Perry spoke at their Tuesday Fireside. He loved it! He also started to learn more of the language and figured out how to be a better help with his companion in teaching the lessons. They are learning how to work together as a team. He loves his District and enjoys class. He has the whole district learning a new Spanish word everyday(one that is not one they are normally learning) so they will pick up the language better. YAY! Way to help out your District Kotah! 

He stays so busy that he doesn't have a lot of time to write everyone BUT he absolutely LOVES the LETTERS! He says that Dear Elder is one of his best friends because he can get letters every day. 

Okay onto this week's letter: July 4, 2012

Hola mi famili!!!!!
Como estan?!!!!
Well to answer your questions about the MTC! The food is just grand! Some don't think that it is as good as others, but for me; I quite like it a lot! I didn't get your package slip in time to get your letter yesterday so I have to get it tomorrow por que, the letter place is closed for el quatro de julio! I don't know if they will let us watch the fireworks tonight pero they are letting us have a big activity for the fourth! I am wearing the American tie all day, even con mi P-dia clothes! So the MTC is crazy! I have seen everyone that you have asked me if I have seen, multiple times! I saw my new president like five times and we all had a good talk like every time so I am super excited to be in the mission con him, he is a very awesome man and he is super strong in the gospel! I am glad that we will be his first missionaries in the field!
On Sunday we had this guy come and act like he was Willard Richards and he told the story of Joseph Smith and his martyrdom. I loved it! it was very spiritual! Afterwards we sang praise to the man as the closing hymn! About half way through the first verse we all just stood up for no reason that we know of, and everyone did at the same time! I don't think that there was a dry eye in the whole place when it was all done!
Ohhh everyone has said that the orange juice is santana pero. I have had two glasses at every meal since I got here and nothing has happened, of course it feels like I have only been here two or three days! I love it! I am now in the position that the zone leaders were in when we came in, they had only been in three weeks and starting their fourth! I am doing that now!!!! I am so excited that things are beginning to happen with the language. Some days I feel like I can speak Spanish all day pero otro dias siento like the language isn't gonna happen at all.

I have learned to bear mi testimonio en espanol! Soo here it goes:

Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero, yo se que la iglesia es la verdadera, yo se que jose smith es un profeta de Dios! yo se que mi mision es solo bueno por mi y ustedes. yo agredacido por la iglesia en mi vida, agradedido por mi familia, y todo he aprendido y todo que aprendidado ( will learn?) jaja, yo amo ese iglesia y ese evangelio! YO SE QUE ESE IGLESIA ES LA VERDADERA y que ese iglesia es solo verdad ( only truth) yo amo tu hijo, jesucristo. yo amo mi familia! gracias por todo han ustesed (done for me) i don't quite now that, y lo digo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen

I love this work and this gospel! I wanted to say that you should say thanks to Wendy cause I got another package. I hope to hear from you EVERY day por que mi distrito is not very big fans of me getting letters everyday so in other words they are jealous of me haha soo keep it up!! I'm gonna try to write Bro. Scott today and others; if I don't get to, tell them I love all of them and I have NO time whatsoever! I am studying all of the time!  I love all of you con todo mi corazon! ustedes make mi corazon muy falizidad!! I am running out of time but I love to hear from all of you! Please keep writing! Read your scriptures and pray! Alex, if you wanted to go on a mission, it is muy bueno! It is the greatest decision I have ever made, even though it is also the hardest. I have already seen the benefits from all I am doing, but it is not me that is doing them, it is the Lord that is changing me along con todo personas! buenos suerte en su dia!! con amor,
su hijo, Elder Dakotah C. Hancock 

*I have also lost like three pounds since I got here! haha obviously I'm doin somethin right. I just thought I would say that to you! haha if there is anything else I am sorry I didn't get to write it :(   I tried! :D

Our FIRST LETTERS are here!

Just some background that leads to this letter:   I am going to insert a little bit of the two letters we got previously. The first one came on Saturday, June 16, 2012. I think they had them write us a note to say they were okay and when their p day was. Then Kelly got one for Father's day(a day late…lol). 

Letter One:

I am very much loving the MTC! The first day was quite remarkable! I didn't miss anyone until the night time. Every time I tried to fall asleep, I couldn't because I kept thinking about "what is my family doing right now?" It got bad enough that I commanded myself, in the name of Jesus Christ and by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood, to not think about that, because it was just making me sad. Anyway, after that I was able to go to sleep. The days are hard because of all the Spanish they are feeding us. I have learned quite a bit of it and I am very terrified because tonight we get to teach a man in straight Spanish. That is crazy, but I know that the Lord will help us out and He will help him feel the spirit even though we have zero idea what we are saying.

I love my district. There are four elders going to Columbia in three weeks if their visas come through. My companion is Elder Abplanalp. Oh my D.L. is the guy that is Kent's friend.(Elder Christensen I believe… I am not sure that name is right because I can't read his handwriting very well. lol). He is also my roommate with Elder Jacobs. They are both going to Tampico also! 
Love Elder Dakotah Hancock

Letter Two: (Kelly's Father's Day letter)

Dear Poppy Seed, 

You have been the greatest example of always carrying the spirit at all times to me. I am so thankful that God gave me a DAD like you. You have no idea how much you have taught me and have blessed my life! 

If it wasn't for you and Heavenly Father in my life, I wouldn't be serving at this time. 

I know I am away at this time but I just wanted you to know what an AMAZING job you have done at teaching me to trust in the Lord at all times, to trust the prompting of the the holy spirit, and that when times get rough, to turn it all over to the Lord, and offer him all that we have to give. He will then supply help for us. 

I want to tell you a little thing that has happened. My first lesson was a couple of days ago and it was supposed to be in only Spanish, but mine was in almost straight English. I prayed later and said to Heavenly Father, "I feel like today was a little chastisement, (cause I was thinking I was a stud and learning Spanish good, so I was cocky)." As I said this, I felt the spirit strongly, therefore what I got out of this endeavor, was that I need to be a strong son of Heavenly Father and to study A LOT! Since I have taken this counsel from the Lord, times have been great and I am learning a lot of Spanish and things are starting to click!

Anyway, I love you with all my heart! And I hope you have a great Father's Day. Keep recovering! 

Love, your son Elder Dakotah C. Hancock

**So, he is growing and learning more each letter we get. So glad to see him following the spirit! So thankful for his cheerful happy disposition and his humble ability to learn from his experiences. 
We do miss him terribly but are so proud of his decision to serve.**

Now onto to TODAY's Letter: June 20, 2012

ooooooooohhhhh heavens HOLA mi familia!!!!!!!! como estan?! 

So I have been in a week today and I cannot wait to see the oros (golden ones) that is what our devotional speaker last night said that they called missionaries that were fresh instead of greenies! I really like that because it is kind of weird being called a greenie for a week. So the oros that are coming in today are replacing a distrito that left on monday, other than that we don't get new distritos very often.

Mi companero es a pretty cool guy and it was crazy because we have been having some pretty hard times with the language and all, but last night I realized that I have been so busy doing all this Spanish study that I forgot to study what really matters, la escrituras! en ingles. So, I have been studying them like crazy today, so we can be blessed in our lesson tonight! It has been amazing to see the Lord change my heart.

The Lord really tries you in everything here at the MTC! I can't believe how much I have learned and have grown! The last two days are the only days that we have learned any doctrine, the others were straight Spanish so I was greatful for them! I LOVE mi distrito!! They are a blast! I know that God has put us all together for a reason and that reason is that each of us can bring something different to the "learning" table.
I hope you all are having a grand time without me! jaja ohhhh when you write, I can't really send letters too much in the week but if I have time I will try, other than that dear elder is my best friend porque I get to read them that night so do that!! It is a lot better cause on email I can only read and write back once a week! I am doing amazing and I can't wait to pick up the language better! I love all of the books and things that you made for me! I wish I could say more but I'm gonna try to send pics now so I'll write it in a letter if i can! haha I love you all!!!!!!!
I thank you for all you have done for me! and I highly encourage ALL of you to learn espanol!

Always remember, Cristo es la respuesta, y, vaya con dios, and most of all yo quierro!!
y, el evanjelio es verdadero!
buenos dias
con amor
Elder Dakotah C. Hancock!!!!

He's Off to the MTC

Wednesday, June 13, 2012, we got up early, and Kelly gave Kotah a Father's blessing. It was a really nice blessing and by the end of it, ALL FOUR OF US, were CRYING. It was just such a special moment we shared together, one last moment of just the four of us together, before he would be gone for two years.
We got up to Provo and went to IHOP [Pancake House]. Kotah met each missionary there [and there were a lot] and found out where they were going. After breakfast, we went over to the Temple, took some pictures, walked around the temple grounds, met some other missionaries going to Mexico. We said our goodbyes, had some great laughs, gave many hugs, and shed a few tears. Then at about 12:45 p.m. Kotah couldn't wait any longer [he was set to go in at 12:55 p.m.], so we got in the car and headed across the street to the MTC. They directed us to a parking spot by the curb, where Kotah was greeted by a Host Elder [His name was Elder Short]. He got his bags out of the trunk and a few hugs later was on his way. Alex, Kelly and I were all bawling our eyes out and Kotah said to us "Here, I'm giving you some "tear guard" [obviously, it was pretend] and so now you can have no more tears." Then he turned to walk away, and as he did so, he turned back one last time and we heard him sing... YES, SING... "I'm off to see the Wizard... Only Kotah... in Grand Kotah style. It was classic and I really wouldn't have expected anything less out of him. He's looked forward to this day since he was just a little boy and FINALLY, it was here. He was SO EXCITED to FINALLY be there, and to finally be a MISSIONARY.

Leaving Home

YES, he did, in fact, set an Alarm for MTC TIME!

One more photo of our little Hancock4, before he left us for two years.

They LOVE each other so much and are such good friends to one another. I love that my kids love each other this much!

Just me and my boy

Love between a father and his son...

Getting his luggage out at the MTC.

Do I really have to let go? 

"I'm off to see the Wizard..."

He's Officially a MISSIONARY Now!

Tuesday June 12, 2012, we did a session at the Manti Temple in the morning. It was a nice session. Kelly, me, Kotah and a couple of Kotah's friends; Jeremy Griffiths and Kelton Shelley did the session together. What a peaceful way to start the day. Then at 2:30p.m., President Averett set him apart as a Missionary in the Mexico Tampico Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and gave him a very nice blessing. It was a special moment for us all. He was set apart early because of my calling with the Manti Pageant. I had to be over at the building, taking care of costume fittings that night and I would have had to miss out on his being set apart if we hadn't been able to do it early. Kelly was his companion for the night. We are so pleased with his decision to serve and so thankful for his willingness to give up two years of his life in service to the Lord. He will be an AMAZING Missionary!

It's Official! He's a Missionary!

Farewell Talk and Luncheon

On June 10, 2012 Dakotah gave his Farewell Talk in our Ward. It was a beautiful day. His talk was beautiful. His topic was Testimony and he divided that up into three sections: Pre-Mission, On the Mission, and After the Mission. He talked about playing Young Joseph and some of the spiritual experiences he had playing him and what a testimony builder it was. I won't go into all of his talk but he used many of the spiritual experiences he has shared with Kelly and I this year and how they helped him to grow.
The chapel kept getting fuller and fuller, bursting at the seams... until it was filled all the way back to the Priesthood room at the back of the culture hall. It was so good to see the love and support he received there. Not everyone that came to hear him speak came to eat with us, although, I sure wish they would have. We had a lot of food... a lot of guests but we could've fed even more. I was overwhelmed at all the help I received with food for the luncheon. Many Ward members helped by baking up some tasty treats for us. And many friends brought parts to the meal. We really couldn't have asked for a better day. It was all around WONDERFUL! After the luncheon, the Copes came over and we played "Clue" for one last time for two years. [Kotah and Cameron are the ULTIMATE CLUE PLAYERS].
They ended up tying, which is only fitting since it will be two years before they will be able to match up again. It was fun to visit with them before Kotah left.


Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Cookies and treats of all kinds. Oh and some super cool cookies Alex and Tara made in the shape of TIES!

And a Candy Bar that had Kotah's favorite candies in jars. We had Reese's Miniatures, Peanut Butter M&M's, Sour Patch Kids, York Peppermint Patties, Skittles and Swedish Fish. The Candy Bar was a HUGE HIT!

Here are just a few pictures from the luncheon. I wish I could add them all but there are way too many and so many of all the GOOD PEOPLE who came to share in our day.

Kotah taking a break from visiting to enjoy some lunch.

Friends take a moment to smile for the camera.

Mom and Dad take a minute to smile for the camera.


More friends...

And yet more friends...

Love this little foursome!

The Copes and Hancocks

Kotah and one of his other mothers, Sister Cottam. He loves this
lady and her family!

Just a very few of the TIE cookies... aren't they cute? 

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Temple

On Tuesday, February 7, 2012- Dakotah went thru the Manti, Utah Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. He was in the 6:30 p.m. session. His session was GREAT. Jim and Shelly Cope came, as well as Kent and his friend Preston who was recently called to Chile, and Teancum Stafford[a good friend from Snow], Tyler Clark and Kel and I. The session was not huge due to the time, but I think that made it nice. Kotah was more able to personalize it all and just enjoy rather than be rushed like sometimes happens when the session is big. It was such a good evening and so enjoyable. We were so thankful for those who were able to come and share that moment with us. Afterwards, we had some sundaes at the house and Kent and his friend Preston stayed the night with us. It was nice to visit with him, after his only getting home the day before.
A GREAT week for our family. On Monday[Feb. 6, 2012], we welcomed Kent back home, on Tuesday, Kotah went thru the temple, on Saturday[Feb. 11, 2012] Brant married Kristy in the Bountiful Temple and on Sunday, we enjoyed Kent's Homecoming Talk.

Kelly and Kotah heading over to the 

Kotah with Kent and Teancum