Monday, July 28, 2014

Thoughts that are...

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Thoughts that are...

Monday, May 26, 2014

He's HOME!!!


I couldn't resist making this sign because he always WINS in the 


Our boy is FINALLY HOME! 

They went out together, they came home together.


Words will never be able to express the feelings, we, as his parents had that day! We are so thankful for his honorable and righteous service and we will always be glad that he gave two years of his life in service to the Lord. BUT... we are also so THANKFUL to have him HOME with us, and for him to have made it home safely! What a ride it's been... this TWO YEARS! Some of the BEST, some of the worst, some of thescariest... but no doubt some of the MOST SPIRITUAL OF TIMES in our lives. Our hearts have grown; our testimonies become bigger... our spirits, so much STRONGER. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Be Converted to the Gospel and Find JOY


Today we went to the beach, and I think that next week we will have p day on Tuesday to go to the temple.

The week was good. I am always tired ha ha but I am loving the chance to help others. The teaching is about the same, I am trying to be more and more humble and patient.

Mom, I am so happy you got to go to that conference thing, that must have been really cool! I have seen 17 Miracles here in the mission, it's a great movie!

This weekend, I helped build a house; I found a new real respect for the Mexican people and that ones that build houses!! Like A LOT of respect!! That is some way hard business! Just imagine all that we do with machines, well, they do it all by hand! It is incredible!

There are millions of things to say, but I am just trying to find the time to write them all. So, this week's letter comes from experiences I have had in my mission. I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants 50, it says in like verse 13, or something to that, it says "to what were you ordained?" When I saw this question from the Lord, I started to think about really what I was doing here in Mexico; was I just here to make others happy, I was sure having too hard of a time to stay here thru all the hard times and let it continue, to only be here for my parents. But, I was thinking of the commandments that Jesus gave us. If you go to John 15, it says there more less in verse 11 that jesus gave us these things so that our joy may be full!! Now, think how amazing it would be to have a full joy! Now, rethink that when it is Jesus, a perfect being, someone that knows of the great joy that comes in helping others, says, that your joy may be full. He later says the famous scripture, that the first and great commandment is to love one another as He has loved us. So, in these scriptures, He is telling us what we are ordained to… simply, we are not being ordained to go and find others, we are not going to teach, etc. but simply we are going to share the gospel, or as it says in Doctrine and Covenants 50, we are called to teach the gospel BY THE SPIRIT! Now, if we truly exercise our love as children of God, we will find the joy that is found in the gospel. We will no longer be in the group that does things because others expect it, we will be doing things because we love our Lord and we just want to show it, in all. What these scriptures mean, is that, we are not looking for elders and sisters, members, who simply are members because people are expecting it of them, but what the Lord is looking for, is something much much greater, it is called conversion. The Lord is looking for the heart, He wants us to change, not being people who look for results, more over, people who are really bringing souls, but firstly, finding how to bring their soul first. Now, the Lord isn't looking for much, He is just wanting what you can give. Remember that the Lord loves you. Before you embark on the things that the Lord wants you to do, ask Him for a complete conversion to this gospel. He will give it to you. He loves you more than you can believe! Please go to Him at all times! I know you can do it! Live this gospel to the fullest of your potential!!! Love Him, Search for Him, really live for Him and for the sacrifices He has paid for us. I testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

I need to leave now. Have a great week! Do good things! Go to the temple!!! I love you all!

Love. Elder Hancock

Love you most mom!!! I WIN!!!!!! ha ha I love you a lot!!!! 

I got this pic from Kotah's MTC companion's mom and thought 
I would share. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Just staying busy


This week was good. I am probably the most tired I have been in my life! Like always, in the street in the lessons, ha it is ridiculous but that's good, just lots to do and keep us busy. 

We were in Zone Leader training meeting and pres talked about straight conversion like the whole time.  A lot of the things are the way I have been my whole mission so it was humbling and I was super happy that we were learning what the Lord wants us to do. My comp is a powerhouse! We are working out the teaching together little by little. I am loving the area and have lots of friends in the mission here, it's crazy. My MTC companion, is in my zone. He is a District Leader and we serve in the same ward! He is thinking of going to Snow College when we get home, so I told him he could stay at our house. ha ha I hope that is okay. 

Wow! Grandma and Uncle Boyd are in my prayers. Please make sure they know that. Uncle Boyd is like Grandpa Chick, nothing will kill him off until he is fine and ready to go! He is an AMAZING man! 

Oh, next week if I don't write on Monday, it is because we changed our p-day to Tuesday to go to the temple. It might happen or it might not. We are still working on it. 

Well, I need to go but I will write next week! I am really sorry my letters are short. I have a lot to do. I love you all! Do all the good things! Go to the temple! Have a great week! And papi, stop telling me how many days I have left!

Love, Elder Hancock

I love you most I WIN!!! You know I always win mother, and thus we shall continue this for all time. ha ha

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Transfers and Changes


Today was transfers and they transferred me because they put sisters in my area. I am now in Zone Ampliacion, in Tampico. I am the zone leader with an elder named, Elder Flores. He is my nephew, like my brother in the mission is Elder Conte, because he was trained by Elder Lopez before I was, and then Elder Conte trained Elder Flores, and I was there when it all happened. I would never have thought that we would be serving together as companions and now we are opening an area, so that is way cool. My last area in Tampico was on the left side or to say, the front of the airport and now I am on the other side, or to say I am closer to the beach than before. Also, I have my MTC comp here and Elder Christiansen here. It's great! 

This week it was hot in Valles and now I got to Tampico and it is freezing!! ha ha We got to meet with Elder Johnson of the Seventy this past week. He is the area President of the Mexico Area. Search him. He is so AWESOME! Well, after that, on Saturday, I get called by the zone leaders and they ask me what I was doing for that day, so I answered normally and then they asked if I wanted to come to Tampico, so I said yes. Then we got there in the zone leader leadership conference or training meeting, I was just an invite, and well, we spent another like two hours talking to President Johnson. It was super awesome!!! And now they called me as a zone leader and we are opening the area. It is humbling but I did ask the Lord to help me to be humble, so I will be humble and learn! 

I am sorry this is so short but because I had to travel today, I did not get much time to write. Hopefully next week, I will have more time. 

Have a great week! Go to the temple!! Do all the great things!! Thank you for all you do for me. I love you all!!

Love, Elder Hancock

P.S. Mom can you tell Darby that started an email to her but I couldn't finish it and will finish it next week. 

Oh and I love you MOST!!! I WIN! 


We went to Las Cascadadas de micos en la Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi today. They were way cool!! I was going down the huge staircase they have there and I sprained my ankle, it hurts pretty bad, I am going to go light on it the rest of today and I know it will be okay. ha ha

Next week, I may be transferred because they told us they are going to put sisters in this area, so I am almost sure I will be leaving, so don't worry if I don't write til later. 

Well, because we went to the waterfalls today, we are spending less time at the ciber, but here is a picture to make up for the short email. I will try to do better next week if I don't get transferred or too far, anyway. 

Have a good week!! Go to the temple!! I love you all!!!!

I am still waiting to hear your stories of how you helped others!

Love, Elder Hancock

Las Cascadadas de micos en la Ciudad Valles, San Luis Potosi

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Helping others see their Potential


I am so happy for your amazing opportunities mom and papi. :D 

This week we continued to give a lot of blessings. I am being obedient and working hard, mom. 

Soo this week in the work, it has been great! I have been humbled a lot, I am really tired of my prideful attitude just always trying to win the battle in me. If you are a human, you will know what I mean when I say the battle in me. There is always a constant battle between the natural man and the man that God wants us to be. I am always trying to find how God would want me to act, and, quite frankly I fall . . . . .  ALOT!!! Well, good thing we have repentance. This week was humbling because we had amazing opportunities to help a lot of people to know the potential they have as children of God. Also, I have been reminding myself almost constantly to remember how much they are giving and that their offerings were sacred to the Lord, this helped a lot to bring humility! 

This week, we got to have a cool tender mercy, we got to help this hermana. She said that she was just tired of all the chismes that were in the church, she was just going to start going to another ward, and maybe just not go. We were able to feel the spirit really really strong. My comp and I started to testify of how we can often and almost always feel that we just aren't good enough in life sometimes. The majority of the time, we feel alone; this is when we are in grave need to talk to the Lord, call upon Him like it says in Alma 34:17-27. When we do this, it is really when the gospel gets real to us, it is when we learn of our real potential, we learn that all of this is for a specific reason, that we need to grow and learn so that we can become Gods in the future. We testified of these things, the hna started to cry and she said that she was going to try as hard as she could to get through the tests, to keep going to church. I felt the love of Heavenly Father there as I testified!! I know that He loves us more than we can imagine. He is there listening and answering us; if there is no answers, it is not Him that is broken, it is us that are not listening good enough. I want you all to remember, the Lord has made an amazing list of things; He has created the most gracious of things, and even the heavens He created, and yet He says that his most precious creations, are His children. If we could really come to understand the love He has for us, we would not feel worthy to be in His presence because we have rejected him soo much; a being so innocent of being, rejected, soo incredibly loving that He will forgive us at just the slightest cry for relief! He is ALWAYS there for you! He will never let you down!! He is the one that we need more than anything else! Search Him, do not forget Him because He will never forget you. I testify this to you with all the love I can. Only with Him, you will be happy, truly happy! 

Have an amazing week, find someone to help, love them as the Lord would love them! And I want to hear the stories of how you helped others. 

I love you all and do the Lords work! 

Love Elder Hancock!!!