Saturday, July 21, 2012

He's Off to the MTC

Wednesday, June 13, 2012, we got up early, and Kelly gave Kotah a Father's blessing. It was a really nice blessing and by the end of it, ALL FOUR OF US, were CRYING. It was just such a special moment we shared together, one last moment of just the four of us together, before he would be gone for two years.
We got up to Provo and went to IHOP [Pancake House]. Kotah met each missionary there [and there were a lot] and found out where they were going. After breakfast, we went over to the Temple, took some pictures, walked around the temple grounds, met some other missionaries going to Mexico. We said our goodbyes, had some great laughs, gave many hugs, and shed a few tears. Then at about 12:45 p.m. Kotah couldn't wait any longer [he was set to go in at 12:55 p.m.], so we got in the car and headed across the street to the MTC. They directed us to a parking spot by the curb, where Kotah was greeted by a Host Elder [His name was Elder Short]. He got his bags out of the trunk and a few hugs later was on his way. Alex, Kelly and I were all bawling our eyes out and Kotah said to us "Here, I'm giving you some "tear guard" [obviously, it was pretend] and so now you can have no more tears." Then he turned to walk away, and as he did so, he turned back one last time and we heard him sing... YES, SING... "I'm off to see the Wizard... Only Kotah... in Grand Kotah style. It was classic and I really wouldn't have expected anything less out of him. He's looked forward to this day since he was just a little boy and FINALLY, it was here. He was SO EXCITED to FINALLY be there, and to finally be a MISSIONARY.

Leaving Home

YES, he did, in fact, set an Alarm for MTC TIME!

One more photo of our little Hancock4, before he left us for two years.

They LOVE each other so much and are such good friends to one another. I love that my kids love each other this much!

Just me and my boy

Love between a father and his son...

Getting his luggage out at the MTC.

Do I really have to let go? 

"I'm off to see the Wizard..."

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