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July 11, 2012
Today was fun, we were actually on when he wrote and he had about 10 minutes left that he could write so we got to chat in a few emails. He is doing good. Loves the MTC and the missionary work. He does get a bit frustrated with the time limit on the email because he is afraid it will shut off before he can get the email sent out, so he says that is why he keeps it short. In a letter we got this weekend, I think, he said they have picked up three new investigators this week and should be teaching them the rest of the time he is in the MTC. In his personal study he is studying his Book of Mormon in English and in Spanish together and he says the Spanish is getting better and better everyday and he is excited about that. He has enjoyed having his Mission President in the MTC with him and getting to know him. 
He absolutely loves it when friends and family write to him and he says thank you to all those who have written. Keep writing! I know that those letters mean so much to the missionaries. And is a great place to go and write for free. No hassle of going out to the post office either. lol 

Dear familia,

I like the pics of the sidewalk and the pumpkins are incredible! 

Anyways, I want to say that I really appreciate all the things you all do for me. I love the MTC! Yesterday I was feeling really down in the dumps and feeling pity for myself, then I remembered to myself as I was praying, that I was thinking about me and not much about other people, and I remembered that I NEED to only think about what I can be doing for others. That is the only way I can be happy, so today I taught an elder in my district how to shine his shoes.  This week felt like it went by WAY fast! I feel like I have been in here like only a week maybe two if you are pushing it! Not a month!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

yo se que la iglesia is verdadera con todo me corazon! el lenguas es mucho dificil! pero yo quiero espanol! es mejor! yo se que si usted sevir el Senor, usted will be blessed immensly! (there is a bit of espaƱol for you.)

Anyways, I have a friend that got here like two or three weeks ago and he has been sick ever since he got here. Apparently, he doesn't leave his room much or anything so I saw him and he said that he is not doing quite as great as he wants too so I told him to get another blessing, I feel like people sometimes don't get blessings because they are prideful in themselves and think that they can do everything on their own or feel they have to do it all on their own. You have to be humble and be willing to receive a blessing from someone! Anyways, I love this gospel! I talked to his district today and they say that he isn't doing the best but he got a blessing. It may be slow but that is sometimes how the Lord tests us, with patience! I know that my patience(with myself and learning) has been uber tested while I am here at the MTC! I love you all for all that you do! I hope to keep hearing from all of you! 
I hit my MTC hump day this friday! It has been amazing and in a week and a half when the zone leaders leave, then we will be the oldest district in our zone and that is a crazy thought to think about!! I will try to write letters and I love you all! Sorry it isn't the longest letter in the world but I don't have a lot of time on here. 
Elder Dakotah C. Hancock!!!

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