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Last week [June 27,2012], I was so busy I didn't get anything done with Kotah's email but we had a few family things going on that a lot that was written was private, so it wouldn't have mattered much to you all anyway. lol 
BUT, what was neat was that last week they had like 10 to 12 of the 15 there at the MTC and L. Tom Perry spoke at their Tuesday Fireside. He loved it! He also started to learn more of the language and figured out how to be a better help with his companion in teaching the lessons. They are learning how to work together as a team. He loves his District and enjoys class. He has the whole district learning a new Spanish word everyday(one that is not one they are normally learning) so they will pick up the language better. YAY! Way to help out your District Kotah! 

He stays so busy that he doesn't have a lot of time to write everyone BUT he absolutely LOVES the LETTERS! He says that Dear Elder is one of his best friends because he can get letters every day. 

Okay onto this week's letter: July 4, 2012

Hola mi famili!!!!!
Como estan?!!!!
Well to answer your questions about the MTC! The food is just grand! Some don't think that it is as good as others, but for me; I quite like it a lot! I didn't get your package slip in time to get your letter yesterday so I have to get it tomorrow por que, the letter place is closed for el quatro de julio! I don't know if they will let us watch the fireworks tonight pero they are letting us have a big activity for the fourth! I am wearing the American tie all day, even con mi P-dia clothes! So the MTC is crazy! I have seen everyone that you have asked me if I have seen, multiple times! I saw my new president like five times and we all had a good talk like every time so I am super excited to be in the mission con him, he is a very awesome man and he is super strong in the gospel! I am glad that we will be his first missionaries in the field!
On Sunday we had this guy come and act like he was Willard Richards and he told the story of Joseph Smith and his martyrdom. I loved it! it was very spiritual! Afterwards we sang praise to the man as the closing hymn! About half way through the first verse we all just stood up for no reason that we know of, and everyone did at the same time! I don't think that there was a dry eye in the whole place when it was all done!
Ohhh everyone has said that the orange juice is santana pero. I have had two glasses at every meal since I got here and nothing has happened, of course it feels like I have only been here two or three days! I love it! I am now in the position that the zone leaders were in when we came in, they had only been in three weeks and starting their fourth! I am doing that now!!!! I am so excited that things are beginning to happen with the language. Some days I feel like I can speak Spanish all day pero otro dias siento like the language isn't gonna happen at all.

I have learned to bear mi testimonio en espanol! Soo here it goes:

Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero, yo se que la iglesia es la verdadera, yo se que jose smith es un profeta de Dios! yo se que mi mision es solo bueno por mi y ustedes. yo agredacido por la iglesia en mi vida, agradedido por mi familia, y todo he aprendido y todo que aprendidado ( will learn?) jaja, yo amo ese iglesia y ese evangelio! YO SE QUE ESE IGLESIA ES LA VERDADERA y que ese iglesia es solo verdad ( only truth) yo amo tu hijo, jesucristo. yo amo mi familia! gracias por todo han ustesed (done for me) i don't quite now that, y lo digo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen

I love this work and this gospel! I wanted to say that you should say thanks to Wendy cause I got another package. I hope to hear from you EVERY day por que mi distrito is not very big fans of me getting letters everyday so in other words they are jealous of me haha soo keep it up!! I'm gonna try to write Bro. Scott today and others; if I don't get to, tell them I love all of them and I have NO time whatsoever! I am studying all of the time!  I love all of you con todo mi corazon! ustedes make mi corazon muy falizidad!! I am running out of time but I love to hear from all of you! Please keep writing! Read your scriptures and pray! Alex, if you wanted to go on a mission, it is muy bueno! It is the greatest decision I have ever made, even though it is also the hardest. I have already seen the benefits from all I am doing, but it is not me that is doing them, it is the Lord that is changing me along con todo personas! buenos suerte en su dia!! con amor,
su hijo, Elder Dakotah C. Hancock 

*I have also lost like three pounds since I got here! haha obviously I'm doin somethin right. I just thought I would say that to you! haha if there is anything else I am sorry I didn't get to write it :(   I tried! :D

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