Monday, October 14, 2013

Support and Peaches


Mom, first off, I am one hundred percent okay, maybe it still hasn't hit me yet. But he is from America. He is the youngest of all the kids in his family and there are like nine kids I think. His dad is a Stake President in Idaho. I am mostly worried for his family and how they are feeling. Also, another thing that is hard is that his MTC companion is in my District. I have been helping him a lot, because for awhile, it didn't hit him but then it finally got to him and now, he's had some Hancock along with other elders' talks.

President is doing a tour of the mission and helping all to understand what happened. I think tomorrow he will be here, and so yeah, he is taking it pretty hard. Please keep him and this elder's family in your prayers, as well as his MTC companion.

And mom, I will be the most safe that I can ever be.

Some days have been a bit discouraging this week. You always raised me to love people and not numbers, and so I try to follow your example, mom, and not worry about the numbers as opposed to caring about the person. But, then I wonder sometimes why those who are seeking the numbers are getting baptisms left and right and I am barely getting lessons some days or the lessons drop and I am left walking all day. I don't know, it's hard to understand sometimes. I am trying with all my heart to do all that the Lord wants and I thank you for all the advice you've given me. I feel like I don't have much time left, only about seven and a half months and I want to do all I can in that time serving the Lord. I will continue to work hard to do my part in spreading the gospel. I promise you that.

I am sorry that it's not really a long letter this week. I will send a longer one next week. Tell Papi that I love him and I am going to print out the picture when it is all the way done, so hurry and finish it!

I love you more than tacos al pastor, and that is super far, mom!

I love you with all my heart!!!!! I must leave now.
Elder Hancock

You would have never thought I was eating fruit huh?!!? Well, here is peaches with cinnamon toast crunch cereal on top. ha ha I like fruits and veggies now. My old comp. never ate any veggies so I had to eat them for him, and before I had already started to like them, but now it is just more than that, I like them! ha ha

Monday, October 7, 2013

A GREAT Conference and a plea to Honor the parents


First, I have been worried about Darby for the last little while, write her and tell her to write me!! I have been wondering why I am not getting her letters in the last little while!

Conference was GREAT! I loved it with all my heart! I loved how all of the talks were a great help to me! I promise you all, if you watch all the sessions of Conference, you will feel the same as I did. It has been a super exhausting week, because Wednesday we had Zone Meeting, and then on Friday, we had Zone Conference with President Jordan, and then Saturday, the six hours of Conference and then on Sunday, four more! Let's just say I slept REALLY good last night. But, it was all so GOOD!

I just want to talk about something today that I feel is important. I am seriously astonished at how the youth of today think that they need and deserve to have more and more power over their parents. If we can learn from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ thru the example Jesus put for us, He always and I mean ALWAYS taught that He is doing all that the Father wants, not just in the street, in the last and most excruciating painful moments in His life, He said Father, if it be possible, pass this cup from me, but not my will be done, but thy will be done. The Lord and Heavenly Father have given us amazing revelation and help in the scriptures and in the temple, how Jesus ALWAYS goes to the advise of His Father to do all that He needs to do. AND if even that isn't enough, read in the Book of Mormon, and learn how all of the strongest and most powerful, Christlike prophets learn and are, is because in their youth, after their conversion, obeyed the advise of their father and mother! Think of Nephi, he went into the wilderness and risked his very life more than once because he had a very good understanding of the fifth commandment, honor thy father and thy mother… and after we always see that because he put himself aside, the Lord and in the case of Jesus, the Father, exhalted them on high and blessed them more than they had room to receive! We need to love and honor our parents.

Mom, go rewatch Elder Holland's talk! It is the best and I know it will mean as much to you as it did me. And it's worth rewatching!

I don't have much time left so I need to go. I love you all. Do good things!
Love, Elder Hancock