Monday, April 15, 2013

Filled With JOY For The Missionary Work And Tests Bring Testimonies

hola hola hola everyone!

I got my package today! That made me super happy! I am wearing my glasses now. :D I am excited to use my little Preach My Gospel today! Wahooo! Thank you for emailing that picture of Dome and Blake! They look great! Dome is doing amazing! I hope when we all get home, we can just keep working hard to do all that Heavenly Father wants us to, being humble and willing before the Lord at all times.

This week was actually really hard. It was hard because of spiritual and listening to the spirit troubles, like knowing the exact person that we needed to visit! I have seen and learned a lot this week! There are some real miracles that have happened in this short little time! Wow, the Lord is really helping those who want to come unto Him.

First of all, I am super happy that people are going on missions, it is really the greatest decision you can make at this time in your life! I have seen sooooooo much that I have learned in just such a short time! Well in ten months, it feels like four days I swear! But it only feels like that when you are doing what you need to do! I think about the two year elephant that you eat and I am almost half way through this two year beast! :D

I am just filled with joy for the missionary work! For those who are debating going on a mission because you don't know what will happen, if you have a girlfriend waiting, if you think that there are just so many opportunities to pass up right now… you will have those opportunities, if not even more and that are far better in the future! I encourage all of you to go. I also share my testimony that I know this church is true! I love this gospel with all my heart! I really have seen a change; the change that God is bringing about in this heart of mine. I have tested Heavenly Father's promises and preached the gospel, to see if I will be happy. I can tell you that I am the most happy that I have ever been in my whole life! Right now I am working on keeping humble cause I have a comp that is my best friend in the whole world! Therefore satan works to take the humility from me!!! So, therefore I am attacking satan and fighting for humility!

My spiritual topic that I want to bring to the table today is the topic of TESTIMONY!!!!!!!!! Wahoooo!!!!!!! I am going to talk a little about testimony!!! I was wondering where in my call it says that I would be suffering for two years and tested until the breaking point everyday; those returned missionaries will know what I am saying, especially the ones who served in Mexico and walked like twelve miles or more a day in the hot sun at 110 degrees! But, there is one thing I have noticed about the Lord and his missionaries, we are sent here to preach the gospel; through that Heavenly Father gives us tests, a whole heap of miracles and much much more, and afterwards He blesses us with the testimony. There is a reason it is called by that name, not takeamony, givemeamony, haveamony, thankamony, or any one of those names. It is called a TESTimony because that is the direct intent that the Lord is going to do! He is going to test it! It will be the hardest thing in the world when He does, but that is how He is making more and more clear to us that it is all true! When we are willing to suffer for something, willing to give two years of our life to the gospel, He makes sure that we receive a re-embursement or in other words, a super testimony! I want all of you to try to do something to test your testimony this week!

I love you all and know that this gospel is true!!!! I love it and I know that you will encounter this same happiness that I and many others have!! :D Please have a great week. I would talk a lot more but I am now at my time limit! :D I send shout outs to all my friends, especially the Copes and the Jacksons. Please tell Lisa, thank you for the letter and I am sorry I ran out of time and can't write back. I love their family and know that all will work out just like it is supposed to.

Have a great week and I will try to also!!!! :D

Love, Elder Hancock!!!!!!!!!!!

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