Monday, October 1, 2012

Letter Day!!!!

pues este semana fue bien fantastico! me encanta todas las cosas que oigo sobre ustedes buscando por los oportunidades de servicio! haha I won't write the whole thing in spanish, anyways, this week was great!

I am super tired and sunburned. Tired, because we are working to do super better this change. I am super thankful for this because we get to work super hard, but I am always tired, I mean ALWAYS! I can barely make it through daily planning without falling asleep haha.

On Sunday we had an investigator drop us for the time being. I hope we get to teach her more cause she had a baptismal date, but later on in the day we picked up two more investigators and that was an amazing blessing from Heavenly Father!!!!!

Today we had zone meeting and we have like four new missionaries, two are americans and one of them is in our district. The other three are in other places and two of them are from Mexico. One of the ones from Mexico is from Cuernavaca and his dad is the ward mission leader. I asked if he knows Colton Crook and he does! haha How about that?!  That is bien fantastico! 

So, this week has been great. Last week you told me to pray always for those opportunities to give service to other people. I thought about this a lot and I had not been doing that as much as I could have, so I started to do it more and more. The next day we had service and another day this week we did service from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon! It was beastly and my neck is super sunburned from that because it is used to having my white shirt and tie on all the time haha, but it was good. 

This week I ate some of this salsa because the hermana said that it wasn't hot at all so I tried just it on a tortilla. It was the biggest mistake of my life! It was hot enough at first that my nose started to run and my eyes would start to cry if i didn't have a drink in my mouth so that was no me gusta!!! It was a good laugh though haha.

The washing here is pretty hard on my shirts and one of them ripped on the collar. I am going to use pino which is pine all, on them. I think the funnest part about today is that I can finally understand what I am reading on the cleaning bottles, so I am super excited to clean my clothes and stuff.

So, about the glasses, I was in Tampico and Sister Jordan looked at me and told me to take them off, that she wanted to see what my real looks were. So I did and she said that they hide my looks and that I should get different ones. I told her that I know, that that is what my mom says all the time and that I wanted different ones now that I am on the mission and have wised out a little; because I have, on the mission and they are okay for college but I don't know about the mission. She laughed and said that I might need to come to Tampico to the eye doctor there, so I might do that, but for now, I am blind. ha ha

I am speaking the Spanish almost fluently and I am working on reading out loud, but yes, I can almost follow what everyone says to me BUT it is ONLY the don del lenguas en mi vida. Es no me. Nunca.

I think it is just barely settling and I am accepting the fact that I am living on my own and I am doing it in Mexico for that matter! Everything has been a little surreal for a little while, like since I entered the MTC, but now I feel like I can just let loose and be myself more, and that is the person that can do what the Lord wants because I don't worry about ruining an investigator. I just talk to them like they are my best friend because I earnestly want to share the truth with them. I love it! I love seeing that I am daily becoming the person that God wants me to be!

I love to serve the people here in Mexico and I love how nice the ward is! People say that there is a different spirit here about the people in the ward, I just feel at home because a lot of them are like the people in Ephraim.

Mama and Poppi, I am glad to hear that you are making going to the temple your six month mission thing. I want you guys to find time to go at least once every week until I get home, well, unless you have surgery Poppi, but I'm sure that won't happen because you are in my every prayer for that one. You don't realize what a blessing the temple is until you don't get to go every week. The people here pay every bit of money they have that month to go and then save up for two more months to go again, so appreciate it and serve!!! Go to the temple right now and do some special work for someone.

I miss you guys a lot, but not like I want to come home. It's just when I learn something and see that you have taught me in my life, that principal, I say to myself, wow what great parents I have. :D

Well, I feel the spirit prompting me that it's time to get off, so I will talk to you all next week. Have a great week. I love you more than you can know. I see what you have done in my life everyday and I am more thankful than you will know. Gracias from Mexico!

Love, Elder Hancock

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