Monday, October 22, 2012

News from our Missionary!


This week I am super glad that I am able to be in the mission. I am super grateful that I listened to the spirit when I was writing you all, in your letters. I think it is cool to see everyone leaving on missions now! I wish everyone could come to my mission. I finish my training in two weeks from today and holy cow, I do not ever feel ready for all that comes my way but I just sit still and quiet for a minute and listen to the thoughts of the spirit in my mind and my heart.

I gave a talk in church this week and it was supposed to be five to ten minutes long and it ended up being fifteen haha. I talked on Moroni chapter seven and how in that chapter it has a question; the question is, how can we have or obtain all things good? I then went on to explain that in the verses following, there are three ways or in spanish tres pasos that we need to have to have all things good. The first is found in the verses following in how it says that through Christ we can have all things good but not just faith in Christ, but by exercising our faith in Christ. The second is a hope for a better world and by having hope and faith, we have to have charity, it says that if we do not have charity, we are nothing! I liked that I could relate this to the missionary work or in spanish, la obra misional. In Mosiah chapter 28 it talks about the Sons of Mosiah and about Alma the Younger, in verse three it describes perfectly what pure charity for others is. Go and read it :D

Anyways, this week was great. It was super hard like always but it was good! We were searching for a referral and we couldn't find them at all. We had seen her in the micro earlier and I remembered where she got off the micro (little van thing for transportation). I had the thought; go to where she got off. I thought about it and had decided to follow the spirit at all times, so I had to follow this time. I said to my companion as we were walking to the next cita on our agenda, let's go back to that spot. He said all kind of mad and what not, "seriously?!" I said, why is it a bad idea? It's better than just giving up. Finally, he said ok. As we got to the spot, we saw the lady and she was getting into a taxi, I was happy I had listened to the spirit. We obviously couldn't talk with her cause she was in the taxi, so we decided to start walking to our cita. We passed a house with an hermano that we had a cita with later that night. I felt the prompting to say hi, so I did, and we ended up teaching for like an hour and a half with him, and his family. Then he got a call and he said that the call was work and he wouldn't have been able to make it that night to the cita so it was sent from heaven that we showed up at his house early! I was super happy cause I saw the blessings of listening to the spirit!

My companion bought gas for our boiler; we are the only missionaries in Huejutla with warm water. You can get reimbursed for it, but you have to have a boiler for it first. We are like the only ones with a boiler, so I have had hot water for like a week and a half now. I feel guilty sometimes when I use it, cause no one else has it. Another Elder here, had it and says he felt the same, but at the same time, he said he had to enjoy it while it lasted.

Oh heavens, congrats to Brant and Kristy! It's crazy they are preggo!  It's gonna be a boy and it will have red hair like Kent! :) I wrote Alex a letter in only spanish. Tell her to look at it and don't use the translator for it. ha ha Tell Kent, I will try to write next week. Tell all the family and friends that I love them and I am thankful for their love and support and prayers.

Have a great week and keep doing great things! I love you all!

Love, Elder Dakotah Hancock

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