Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Letter Time!

Pues, hola familia!!!!

We aren't having district meeting today, because of changes. Our Zone Leader, Elder Bolon, is going to Tampico tomorrow to pick up his new companion who is american, and I am going to speak nothing but spanish to the poor guy because I know the blessings of only speaking spanish. It is a huge help to learn the language when you get here. This is why I am writing later and also because I had to go get another haircut today.

Yes, we did have a baptism this week! In fact, we had two! I loved it! My comp baptized them both, but I got to confirm one of them! That was a little scary because I don't quite know a whole lot of spanish for the blessings yet, but it all went well!

This week was kind of crazy because of the baptisms and because this week is cambios. I am here for six more weeks with Elder Lopez, so I hope all goes well and that we can reach the goals we have planned for. We planned for four baptisms this cambio and we want to have like six or more if the Lord will help us get all of them.

I love your drawing of the blessing in the hospital poppi and I love all that you are all doing! Tell the whole family that I love them and I will always be happy to hear from them! I am excited that you did a whole phone call in Spanish, poppi. I can't translate as good now because, I have forgotten some English words. haha

Sooo, about Ty, I am super happy for him and I know that it will bless his life more than he will ever know. I have seen so many blessings and so many changes in my heart everyday that I am in the mission field and I have had spiritual experiences that I never would have had before the mission here; things that I am glad I am doing, that I have seen are helping me to become the man that God wants me to be! I pray everyday that I will be open to the changes in my heart, that the spirit wants me to have and that Heavenly Father wants me to have. 

I don't have a lot of time, so please write and tell Ty, that I love him and that this is the best decision he has ever made in his entire life! Follow the spirit in all that you do and it will all be okay!

Also, tell Ben congratulations and I am glad he is getting married in the temple.

I want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Poppi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to write it last week but I forgot ahhhh.

How was the temple dedication? I did not get to see it.

I feel like I should write more about the week and what not. So, this week was great. Me and my companion are doing great and we are going to work harder than any other missionary this week cause we watched a video on repentance. In this video it had a talk from Jeffery R. Holland. He speaks about how, when we are tired, want to give up, think that all hope is lost and we can't do anymore, think of what Christ did in our lives. He never gave up, sat down, etc. What he did then, and what he did with the children in the Americas, is, that he was the perfect example of how we can live our lives and he knelt down and prayed, not for himself. He prayed for the people. I'm not saying that praying for yourself is bad, I'm just saying that it is pretty awesome to pray for others too.

I love to see the progression in the family also. ohhh tell Alex that I hope she has a great week and does cool stuff with that crocodile dna and whatnot.

I love you all and hope you do the right thing in everything you do. Smile and be happy. Be amazing. Get better poppi, I pray for you everyday. Keep doing what the Lord would want you to do; do the work of salvation or in Spanish, la obra de salvation.  :D

Love, Elder Hancock!

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