Monday, September 3, 2012

Letter Day from Mexico!

**Thank you for all your support and prayers. We got to email back and forth for a bit today, since we were on when his email came, and so I have added in some of that to his letter. He is learning and figuring out how best to do the work. He is experiencing lots of neat things, as well as some not so neat, but he is growing from every experience he has. He is maturing, as a person and he is continually humbling himself before the Lord, and finding answers to any problems he has come up against. It's so rewarding for me, as a mother, to see him growing and learning and developing a deep desire to serve the people even more fully than he thought possible. The Lord hears and answers prayers, even the little prayers of a new missionary struggling to find his place in the work or even just to be able to become accustomed to the different foods he's being fed. Dakotah is feeling the prayers sent his way and he is thankful for them. He loves being a missionary and he loves serving the Lord.


I am feeling a lot better and the praying is working because the food is a lot better this week than before. One thing I thought about was, what would mother do if people weren't eating her food? That seemed to kick my stomach into gear and the food is pretty great now! One meal that almost made me sick last week; I have had twice this week already, and it has not made me sick. This week it was really hot and there was no rain, I missed it! haha
I can't send any pictures this week. We are in Central because I had to get a haircut and so we are emailing from here and this computer doesn't let me send out pictures.

Tell Kent, that I can see why he is jealous that I am here and he isn't. ha ha but tell him after the mission I want to come and visit, so I've been thinking and he shall come tambien. I am happy for Kent in school, tambien Alex.  Ohh there is a missionary who is in love with Alex and he only has till december left haha. He is one of my best friends in the field. Has Ty Dudley gotten his call yet? Make sure to let me know.

Poppi, the language is coming along pretty well, all of the people are astonished when I say that I only have a month in Mexico and they all think that I spoke it before the mission. I have to reassure them that I did not, and it is only thru the gifts that the Lord has blessed me with, that I can understand and what not. I understand what is being said but sometimes I have troubles with what to say back to them.

Anyway, I was having a bit of a hard time and then I just started to think, my mission is supposed to be fun and something that I will remember for the rest of my life; I need to stop being a baby and only thinking about me. I need to force myself to have fun in EVERY situation and that will help me to love my mission. Well, it is working and I have seen a difference.

I try, everyday, to act like good ole Elder Calhoun, and make the work fun for me, personally, but most of all, for others! I try to enjoy every day and to always have a smile on my face and to act like I did back home, being fun loving in all things.

I have been reading and studying as hard as I possibly can and I had felt like my companion was being kind of mean to me, but then I realized that in my studies I need to search for things that can help my investigators, and with my companion, I need to be the bigger man, take any tone that he may use, that feels mean, with a grain of salt and just love him for who he is. I have learned a lot from him and I am not mad at him in any way. He may get transferred this change, and I may get another trainer to finish up my training because they might need him to train a new batch of missionaries coming in; there are like twenty coming in. The president wants the more experienced trainers to be the ones helping the newest missionaries. If he does leave, I will be sad but it's what the Lord wants so I will be okay. I am thankful for my mission and I can see the blessings in my life.

We have a baptism this week and I am super excited because it is my first baptism!!!!!! :D

My week has been exciting! I got to go to a town called Panacaxtlan last week and I forgot to tell you about it; the people there are amazing and I love them with all my heart! I love to teach them too. They all understand spanish but most only speak a language called nahuatl and it isn´t even close to spanish. The reason I got to go both times [I went again this week] was because my companion is the district leader and he has to interview people for baptism there. As missionaries, we are not allowed there without special permission because the non members there do not like the missionaries and they have even done some pretty serious scary mean things that I wont tell you, so you don't get worried. But, to go, we have to have the stake president with us and it is usually two companionships and a couple of the councilors of the stake president also. It is a way fun experience and I love them a lot!!!

I hope you all have an amazing week and I hope you do what is right and what the Lord wants!  I love you and can´t wait to hear from you ohhh and I'm not sick anymore ha

Love, Elder Dakotah Hancock

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