Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's LETTER DAY and GREAT NEWS on the Visa Horizon!

*Sorry that this took a day to get out, but I have been incredibly busy this past couple of days and then we were waiting for word about the visa after they got back, so that we could add it to this. And then I just got busy and didn't get it done until now. It's a short one this week as he was heading up to Salt Lake to meet with the consulate for his visa. *

Dear familia,

We go to the consulate today so the visa is going ok! :D Yes I did get gary's letter and package and loved it; we are going to use the martinelli's for our going away party!!!! :D I have seen Brock Larsen in here along with Sharee Melor and Jessika with a k and Jordan Olsen from Alex's grade! In his district there are six elders going to Tampico so it was fun to talk to them for a while!

It has been a great week, I have been doing exactly what I have been doing for so many weeks now but it is great because we finished all of the spanish grammar lessons!!!!!! That was an exciting day! I understood everything that Kent wrote to me and I'll think of something to write him back! haha
I go up to the consulate at 1:45 so we don't get to go to the temple but I think in this instance that it is ok to miss.
I am glad to hear that papi is doing better and that you all are going to try to go to the temple more and more since he is feeling better.
This week has been jam packed with just how much we don't know how much the atonement is active in our lives! That was an amazing thought when I saw how much I have been taking it for granted and I am so happy I know now, so I don't anymore! I was thinking about when I first arrived in the MTC and then I remembered one of the first nights, I felt all alone for some reason; it was a scary feeling. Even though I was in a building full of elders feeling the same way I felt, all completely alone, so I decided to pray. This was the best idea I could have had! I felt completely filled with the spirit and I didn't feel alone anymore, it was great! I finished the prayer and then I felt somewhat alone again, so I decided to keep praying to feel the comfort of the Holy Ghost. I did this until I fell asleep. I haven't felt alone since! It is a great testimony builder to me to realize that Heavenly Father is always there to help you. Even when there is no need for help, he will find something that you need help with! Another thing that happened this week is that that Elder I shared my testimony with, got sent home. It was sad to see him leave but I know that he will grow from this experience!

For Ty, I am calling somewhere spanish speaking! It's the best decision I have ever made! I am excited for you! You better let me know where you are going when you get your call bro.

I hope you all have a great week and do EVERYTHING that the Lord wants you to do! I know that if you ask him for help, and are willing to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, he will come to you in your hour, or your very second of need! Have an amazing week.
Love, Elder Dakotah Hancock

We got this after he got back from the consulate:

Ohhhhh it was just amazing!!!!!!!!  It was fun and I took some pics of up north. It felt like a long trip but I now have my visa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I am soo excited to get to Mexico. I am just excited to talk to people and to teach them! I am only a week and a half away! I cannot wait!
Elder Dakotah Hancock

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