Monday, August 20, 2012

LETTER DAY from Huejutla!

hola hola hola hola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! como esta???!

Sooo this week was great but it was somewhat hot, not hot like Tampico because Tampico has mas humedad (humidity). It does rain here every other day, if not everyday! I love the rain because it cools things down a lot! We do have to wear our suit coats on Sundays, but only for Sacrament, so it's hot, but not too bad since we only wear it then. 

I get cold showers but I am hot when I go to sleep so I don't have any covers. By about 5:00 in the morning, the fans I have, make my toes a little cold, so I wake up and my feet are cold and my body is cold but I am sweating. It is a way weird feeling. I do miss being dry all the time. ha ha 
Today I did my laundry in a sink thing, like everyone has them. Oh and we have a machine in our house to rinse them out so that is good. :D

Oh to answer your question, I would introduce them to the hot cocoa if they had it here! Something that is really great is this yogurt called lala yogurt, it tastes like liquid gogurt! It is fantastic and I love it! My favorite meal so far is gringa, it is like quesadillas but with steak in them and you can put what condiments you want on them. The food is pretty hot; poppi would not be able to handle it. ha ha 

I love my companion. He is funny and we are getting along well. He is from Sonora, a city that is right by Culiacan, so he lived by the ocean. 

We are teaching a lot of recent converts and a lot of less active members, we have like two or three families that are investigators and I want more!!!!!!!!!  

This week I spoke like maybe five times in lessons and yesterday I decided [after receiving an answer that was really a reminder of what I have been taught; just open my mouth and follow every prompting and the Lord will put words in my mouth] to talk, and so I did! And amazingly enough, words came out and now I love talking to people cause it is helping me to understand their spanish; I followed the prompting and I received help when I needed it. It's different how they say someone has good faith here, cause they say, tiene fe muy bonita! so it translates to has very beautiful faith. 

In about every single lesson there are chickens or roosters walking through them which is cool, we are usually outside on the porch or there are mosquitoes and they are mean. I have almost used all the spray that you gave me but in spanish it is called repelente. Sometimes the members make fun of me because I use so much, ha ha but I don't want to get sick.  

We walk a lot but not like 12 miles a day. We have a good sized area so we take the auto büs. It is only 5 pesos every time we ride it but it's 5 for one person, so really it is 10 pesos. It is a lot better than taking a taxi because those are like 20-30 pesos. (here 5 pesos is like 40 cents, and 20-30 pesos is like 2 dollars) 

I get to see cool things like you can't imagine everyday and I get to see the most humble and happy of people living in houses that have like two rooms at most. I love them! There are some houses here that are way nicer, like two story homes that are way nicer than homes in America. 

I do have some cool pictures but they take a long time to load so I will try to send more next week. Today, I will send one of me with one of the families here. They are very friendly. You can probably see, I have lost some weight too. 

I love it here! It is awesome! 

Tell Kent to get on down here and we will be compañeros! Tell him to write me in spanish and next week I will try to translate. ha ha 

I have an hour each p-day to write you. In this area, I don't think I will get to do any sight seeing on p-days because our p-day ends at 4:00p.m. when we have District Meeting. Today, we just cleaned the house, did laundry and what not. I have to go now. Anyways do great things  :D
Adios and I love you all!

Love Elder Dakotah Hancock

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