Tuesday, August 14, 2012

He's in MEXICO!

We were able to talk with Kotah on Monday, August 13, 2012 before he flew out to Mexico. It was WONDERFUL to hear his voice! He was upbeat and excited to get out actually doing the work. He had great experiences at the MTC and absolutely loved it, but he is ready to be in Mexico and out meeting people and sharing the gospel. He was just a bit nervous about the plane trip, and just the new beginning, yet still so excited.

We asked him to say something in spanish for us, and he said okay, I will just bare my testimony in spanish for you. It was 10 minutes of words I did not understand(Kelly understood quite a bit because he's been learning it), BUT we could DEFINITELY feel the spirit as he spoke. It was AMAZING… for lack of a better word. I am thankful that he shared it with us.

He has grown so much and he sounded like a real MISSIONARY as he spoke. He wants to honor this family(as he serves his mission) and his ancestors who are cheering for him beyond the veil. He had a very nice spiritual experience with that last night, especially with his Grandpa Chick and his Grandpa Orebaugh.

He encouraged his younger cousins, the primary kids and some other good friends to be good, to mind their parents and be good to them. He also wanted them to work hard to be prepared to serve missions. He says it is the best decision he has ever made and one they will never regret making.

He has loved all the letters and packages and all the love and support from everyone. It has meant a lot to him.
He got letters from our Primary kids and he sure LOVED those.

We did very good and didn't cry until it was time to say goodbye. Then he shushed us(like he always does when we cry). He said he was happy to get to talk to us, but now it was time for him to go and be the man that Heavenly Father wanted him to be. He was in very good spirits and just excited to get going.

He wanted you all to know just how much he loves you and that he prays for you.

He arrived safely in Tampico about 8:00 p.m. last night and we received an email from his president, telling us that he had arrived safely and was spending the night in a missionary apartment.

He loves letters! He is sorry that in the MTC he did not have a lot of time to write personal letters and emails, so he just wrote the one email to everyone. He hoped you all understood and know that he still loved hearing from you. He and his roommates, figured out that he averaged about 5 letters a night and 1 1/2 packages a week. WOW! Thanks everyone for all the love and support for him! He will try to be better at writing in Mexico, if he has more time.

Here is his Mexico Address for letters:

Elder Dakotah Cheyenne Hancock
Mexico Tampico Mission
Apartado Postal 241
89460 Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas

Here is his Mexico Address for packages:

Elder Dakotah Cheyenne Hancock
Mexico Tampico Mission
Ejercito Mexicano #501 Loc 17
Col.Loma del Gallo
89136 Ciudad Madero, Tampaulipas

You can still go onto dearelder.com and in the drop down menu pick the Mexico Tampico Mission and you will be able to write him for free. It goes to pouch mail from there.

All mail goes to the Mission Office and then waits there until they have a meeting etc… where the zone leaders or assistants will bring the mail to them. So, it can sit in the office for quite awhile before it gets to him, sometimes.

Again, thank you everyone for the love and support. It means a lot!
Mimi and Kelly

P.S. He has lost weight in the MTC and had to put his belt on a tighter notch yesterday morning when he got dressed for the day.

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