Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Well, my companion had to come and get me in Tampico, so he didn't get a p-day so we kind of had a make shift one today. We had District Meeting and also we went to get some money for me to go shopping for groceries and then his p-day stuff. From now on p-day will be on Mondays.

I am serving in an area named Huejutla [pronounced way-hoot-la], in the state of Hidalgo. It is about four hours south of Tampico. It is way more green and pretty, but it is a little hot; about ninety times hotter than at home, and apparently it rains everyday around six o'clock. I am excited for that. ha ha Of all the Elders that came in with me, I am the only one that went south instead of staying in Tampico or going north.

It is way awesome here! I already love it, but there are bugs everywhere in the day and they leave at night.
I feel like they speak faster than Tampico, so it's pretty hard here; like there are some differences in the language and there is some slang but not too much. There are four companionships here in the whole city but each of us lives in our own part of town. Our district is the top right fourth of the city(on a map).

My companion is a native and doesn't speak english but it really helps when the natives are speaking to me; I have him to help. He is way awesome and everyone says he is a super hard worker so I am excited for it!

I hope you are all doing great. It was fantastic to hear from you at the airport, so I hope you all do great things. Tell everyone I love them. I will write you on Monday.
Love, Elder Hancock

Driving in down town Tampico, on the bus to Huejutla. 

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