Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last LETTER DAY from the MTC...

Dear familia,

This week was a fun one, we were scared that we weren't going to get our travel plans because when everyone else got them and we didn't. So we waited for a day or two to see if they would come, then it was like five days and then I had had it. So I went to the travel office and asked when I was supposed to receive my travel plans? They said that they thought that they had printed them off but they hadn't and so they gave them to me, so I guess you could say that I saved all the Tampico missionaries(just kidding).  Anyway, I am super excited to get to Mexico!! I cannot wait to be there! It's only four days away and I feel like I did when we went on the cruise and Mexico was only a drive to California away!

Yesterday, I was reading about the stripling warriors and everything that they did! They were the most awesome men alive! I love how in Alma 56, Helaman asks them " what say ye my sons?" when asking them if they wanted to go to war. It then goes on to say that they were small, not experienced, and were in all means not qualified to fight. But their answer was as simple as it could be, they said that they remembered the teachings of their mothers, (or I like to say for myself, in this case, the teachings of my parents), that IF you trust in God and HAVE faith that He will help you, along with BEING obedient, then will the Lord help you in all of your afflictions and trials. 
This was way strong to me because I thought of all of us when I read of that. How we have to have faith going into lessons especially in a foreign country. We have to be obedient to have the spirit with us in all of our afflictions or trials and how we, if we do this, can know that Heavenly Father will help us in all we do, if we first ask for help.

Tell grandma and grandpa thank you for the package! I loved it! Thank you mom and pappi for your package too. 

I am going to send home one of my suit coats and some other things so I will get that sent to you tomorrow. I am pretty excited to talk to you all over the phone on Monday and see how your doing! :D  

Always do what the Lord would expect of you to do and always listen to the promptings of the spirit and act on them!!
I will talk to you Monday. Have a great weekend and what not! 
I love you all!!!!!!!!! con todo mi corazon! 
Elder Dakotah Hancock

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