Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Portuguese and Avocados


Well, this is the last week of the change. I don't know what to think, I love these people, but it feels like I am leaving the house, like I have been here so long that I won't really feel how much I miss and love them, until I am gone.

I am tired and I am trying to ignore the tired and exhaustion with all I have, it's just been a good amount of test here ahhhh. I just don't want to ever feel trunky and want to go home, I want the desires to always be in my mission until the day I leave this life and even longer. I do NOT want to ever be a dead missionary! It is foe or gross and bad. I LOVE the mission with all that I have!

I have been a bit spiritually drained but just in thanks to the Lord and in constant prayer, He will help me to prevent any getting trunky in the future. With just about every area, I have had the opportunity to have a spiritual witness as to if I will be leaving the area or not. Last change, I thought I was going to leave, because it was the natural man saying so, then when I prayed about it, I had this thought saying that I wouldn't leave and I stayed. Now, I was feeling like I could possibly stay another and when I prayed and I had the thought that I could be leaving this change. So, that is always a super spiritual experience. I love to see how the Lord can help us in all we do to prepare us for the future in all things.

I am now trying to learn Portuguese and I am actually learning pretty good how. ha ha to say como seta, you say com estais. There is a guy here who speaks Portuguese and a lot of other languages because he is in the Navy and he had to learn them for work and he has to use them frequently but Portuguese he learned in the mission. I am learning a lot from him. It is surprising how great it is to learn when the Lord gives you the gift of tongues! It isn't even that I have already learned a language, it is the pure gift of tongues and I am soooo grateful for it. I can't type any Portuguese here because the computer has to be set to Portuguese to actually type in it. I can read and understand it and listen and understand the majority of it, but the hard one is talking in it now but from having to remember so much verbs in Spanish, it is not too hard to remember more now, so that is cool. I love languages, I want to learn Italian and French also, so I am not even close to stopping learning. ha ha

Would you send me journals, but not ones like you have sent me, I want one of the boring ones like you use ha ha that just say journal on front and are usually the color of the scripts like black, maroon and blue. I would like the navy and maroon ones. I think you get them at Deseret Book. They have the spiral thing to hold them together, but then the spiral is covered so it looks nice. You have had them before, so you will know what I am talking about! I know you might be confused with my description, sorry. And if you send them in a padded folder, it costs a lot less and it gets here faster than others, like a week faster so I would recommend that. ha If you send me three I am going to try to fill them up in this last nine months or so. That is my goal.

I have to go now, my hour is up. I love you! Keep up the good work and know that I love you! Have a great week! The picture is of me and an avocado tree! All the avocados are huge like that here!

Love, Elder Hancock

P.S. Don't forget next week is changes so I don't know when I will be writing.

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