Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Going to the Zoo Zoo Zoo ...


We changed our p day to Tuesday this week because we went to the zoo today as a zone. It was amazing! I saw a giraffe!!! :D But my time to write is short today because of that. The area and the people are great!

We had President's interviews this week and they went really good. President had some really nice things to say to me. 

Ah… mom, don't be missing me, you only have about 9 months more of the worry game, then you don't have to anymore, I will be walking off of a plane, completely lost in America. Don't worry that your mommy days are done mom, you are going to be my mother and do mommy things until I die because we all know that you are going to live until we die, so you will be like two hundred years old. ha  You will always be my mom; sure I am going to make my own decisions but I am not going to throw you guys out of the plane. We can think of life like flying a plane, you have two pilots; they are making decisions right and left, they are trying to make it through the storm. The thing is that many don't think about how the pilots make it through the storm, it isn't from sheer practice, they are in constant contact with the ground control. We are the pilots, there will be a whole heap of storms, I know that I cannot lose contact with the ground control, or to say, you guys, You are my strength, you are important enough that the Lord told me in my patriarchal blessing, that your home and family is a safe haven, cherish that and use it or to say, visit them, and use it to get strength and guidance in life. I may not know much about life, but I know one thing, when the Lord makes something that important, I better do it! I will always make sure the family and that includes you and pappi, a VERY important part of my life. Don't worry, remember what I told you about Oliver Granger, or search all it says about him. It says that the Lord knows all, ALL of our esfuerzas, I forgot what it is in English, but He knows all of who you are, be humble, go to Him always!!!! and you will have the blessings at the last day!

Are you going to the temple weekly? Is your arm feeling better so that you can, mom? Sadly my time is coming to an end here in the cyber, so I am sorry that it's not a long letter this week. I love you all! Have a great week!!!

Love, Elder Hancock

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