Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flooded with Water, Knowledge and Blessings...


This week was good. I was completely soaked like five of the six days, the floods were sooo bad that they were carrying cars down the street!!!! It was crazy!

Wow, I feel like I am just super into the mission, like I write Mondays, but I haven't seen or talked to you guys in so long! That is really really unbelievable!

Well this week I have felt why is the Lord sending sooo many blessings, I have judged people and I have talked about them before, not super mean but I shouldn't talk about others at all when they aren't present! I am repenting so much and I am working my hardest to keep these changes in my life! I just felt like, why didn't I know all of these things I've been learning, starting my mission? But, I have to keep believing that it is all a purpose for the Lord, that I have learned it when He wanted me to. I haven't done the area book for a couple of days, so I was pretty planched when all the meetings we have had, have been on obedience. I have started catching up on it and will keep doing it.

This week has been something special!!! We are going to have a baptism on Friday at six. The investigator's name is Ramon! He is a great guy and loves the gospel!!! Sooo I am super happy for that!!! Also, this week has been something of a revelatory experience for me. First, I have been searching a lot in the references in the scriptures. I have seen that it really helps a lot! Search them!!!! Then, I saw something in Mosiah, about the Sons of Mosiah and Alma the Younger! It was super awesome! It says that they were desirous or however you spell it, in Spanish, it is deseosos, but they were filled with desires to do good! They were able to change these desires of doing bad to doing good, they did through the act of doing, actually putting to practice the gospel! But from their actions, they were able to do a great thing! I loved this! I thought, if we can figure out how to put actions to all of our hopes, desires, dreams etc… we are able to do everything God wants us to do. They have to be righteous desires, but they will be followed by blessings from the Lord. If we have desires, without action and prayer, they are simply empty thoughts. I know that we can achieve everything that the Lord wants us to if we can figure out the act of putting actions to our righteous desires. Also, I was able to see the importance of the Bible in the work this week. We taught someone, she had the Bible so I shared with her about the lost sheep in Luke. It was super awesome! She started to cry because she needed the spirit she felt. I felt so humbled seeing that the spirit really knows these people and not me! Please read the Book of Mormon and the Bible, together they will guide us. Please help others; follow all of the spiritual thoughts! They will always end up blessing someone! I love you all and keep doing good!! I say this in the beloved name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Mother, I just want you to know how much I love you and for all that do, I don't say thanks enough! I never have! I will try to do better in that. I may appear that I am putting a lot of attention in the mission, but I really am thanking Heavenly Father for you and all you do! I love you sooo much! Really, thank you! You are being an incredible mom!!! I love you more than you can imagine!! And it makes me super happy that you go to the temple often! Keep doing the Lord's work!!!


Love, Elder Hancock

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Floods carrying the cars down the street

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