Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hurricanes and Changes


Well this week we had to spend Monday in the apartment to wait out the hurricane and then I had to go to Tampico yesterday to pick up a new companion, from Mexico, to train. That is why President said he had seen me and knew I was fine. My companion's name is Elder Cardenas. We returned today, by bus. The roads were good, a little covered in water, but it looks like the hurricane hit Victoria for a little longer than it hit Tampico. Tampico just had a lot of residue, it wasn't too horrible, but Victoria was pure flood when I left, but since I got back today, the sun is out. They say it will be sunny today and tomorrow, but then the next day back to hurricane weather.

President told me to make sure that I told you I am good.  He and Sister Jordan are good to think of the parents, especially with moms concerns; they understand because they have concerns for their kids too. I know I was 100 percent meant to be with them. They make sure my mom has no worries. Elder Puello went to Mante! It is hard to see him leave, but we go forward.

Yes mom, I guess we could use Noah's ark or a submarine. ha ha I do think I might be needing some new shoes here in a little while with all this rain. ha ha

The hurricane was good for the testimony, not because of the protection, as much as another thing. The people here in Victoria have been praying for rain for years and years and they didn't have anything at all, but finally they are receiving and in abundance! I have been able to see the Lord's tender mercies in that way, along with all the protection He has provided us!

Thanks everyone for all the prayers. I am so grateful for them!!! We live in a one story home and the water almost entered, but it is on a little hill, so nothing happened, and well, I am glad that nothing happened. I can say that I have lived thru a hurricane now. It was kind of cool, like a really bad blizzard in the house, but instead of snow; it is water.
(Note from Mimi: I believe when he says in the house, he means at home)

I am doing all I can to avoid entering the water unless I absolutely have to and I try to go in the less flooded areas! Thank you for all the worrying and I will do all I can to keep myself safe!!!

I love you! Have a good week and do all the good things!


Elder Hancock

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