Monday, February 25, 2013

Two Changes, Two Comps and A WHOLE BUNCH OF BLESSINGS!


Wahooo for Mexico Missions! I am so excited to hear about all the new missions but most especially about the ones in Mexico! And Happy Days for Nathan!!!! He will love Mexico! Tell him that he will be sleeping in a hammock his whole mission, and it is even more hot than my mission. The reason they sleep in the hammocks there is because it is super humid at all times. Right now, it is like 90 degrees here and someone here who served his mission there told me that this was the coldest it ever was there. ha ha that is crazy! Also, not to worry about the spanish, it will come in no time, if he is diligent and does his work for the Lord. In time, he will even find himself helping his comps to speak more properly.

All of us will be able to speak spanish at the family outings!!! Wow! I can't believe that Colton gets home in a couple of weeks! It seems so fast! And Katherine too!

I had only heard a little bit about the new missions cause my friend the old zone leader, told me that pres told them of like only five missions, so how about that?!! 58!!!

So far, we don't know anything about what parts may or may not be taken out of our mission. I will tell you when I know anything.

Darby finally wrote me and she hit up the temple and has about a month before she enters and is like I was; super excited and ready to get out there! :) She will do great!

This week, the zone leader, my best friend, got changed to be the assistant and the assistant got changed to be the new zone leader. It was pretty crazy and what not. President doesn't want people feeling like they haven't had success in the mish if they weren't like district leader, zone leader or assistant, so he is just picking random people who the spirit says to put them as assistants, usually they have been senior comp for a change or two and then ya, boom… assistant. I know that's not how your president did it parents but I know that all presidents do things different and has revelation for the best way for their mission to do things. I love pres. He is awesome!

This week we had a big crowd in sacrament meeting! I was super happy for all the people coming to church.

Wow!!!!! I literally just fist pumped ha ha MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!! Aunt Shelly going to church! I am so happy and I hope that she is doing it for herself and that she keeps going!

So, for the first six months I was like still up to date on everything cause all the movies were the same and what not but now, I have see posters for Taken 2?! and stuff like that. I feel super out of the loop ha ha I am truly getting lost in the work of the Lord! Which reminds me mom, when you send that package, if you haven't already, could you send me a copy of Jesus the Christ and The Miracle of Forgiveness and The Teachings of Joseph Smith, not the one we study in church, the other one? (you can also just put them in my birthday package) I reading Articles of Faith right now. I just want to be able to read them to help in the work.

It's gotten so hot here I have to sleep on top of everything with the fan on high and I am still sweating all night! It is like ninety today! I heard that in summer it gets up to 122 degrees! I will be roasted!

Oh, Elder Lopez wrote me and sent me pics so I did the same for him. I am seeing that he is like one of my best friends in the whole mission! I love him like my brother. It was way awesome that we could love the work and work hard together. He says to tell you guys hi, so hi for Elder Lopez. ha

In 2nd Nephi today I was reading about how we are supposed to be baptized and follow the example of Jesus Christ. Nephi tells us that if the Son of God, who was and is holy and perfect, needed to be baptized to complete all the commandments and to be completely obedient to his Father, what more need have we, imperfect beings need to be baptized, even by water, so that we can complete the will of the Father and receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. He then goes on to tell us what Jesus told him. Jesus says that if we are baptized and receive the Holy Ghost, if we have made that covenant with Heavenly Father to take upon us the name of Jesus Christ and then we reject him or say that there is no God, it would have been better for us to not know him at all. I personally would be scared to even think that there is no God after that message from our Savior. I encourage all of you to believe and if you lack faith, pray for faith and God will bless you with the ability to have more and more faith! I say this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Oh Mom, don't watch those coming home videos anymore. I cry thinking it is only a year away now. I feel really weird to say that I am almost just three months shy of a year. When I had my call, four and a half months was an eternity to wait, now it is just two changes, two comps, and a WHOLE BUNCH OF BLESSINGS! The Lord is truly changing me here!

On Wednesday our zone is going to the temple. We asked for permission and the president gave our zone permission. I am excited to go again.

I love you with all my heart and my soul. I know you are all great people! Have a great week and do what is right!

Elder Hancock

P.S. Mom this is for you…

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!

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