Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Are We Willing to Submit To His Will?


This morning we we to see the pyramids here in Tampico! They were awesome! I took some pics and I will try to send some of them.

I am super slow at reading english now ha ha curse the spanish in my head. It takes me so long to read your emails and write back because of that.

I am sorry to hear of the job falling thru. I was fasting for you and this job, but I believe that the Lord did not want you to work there, but when I was praying to feel if the Lord would help you with things like work and all, I heard a voice in my mind that said, "yes, I will help them, in my time, in my ways, I will help them". It was good to listen to this voice talking to me like God was telling me this phrase to have comfort, and also so that I do not think or worry a lot in my mind about your work or what will happen to you!

Colton comes home this week! And you said Tyson Faumui comes home next week??!! Wow! Their missions were like two days ha ha.  America, the one who added you on Facebook, showed me the pics on Facebook of the day I left. I almost cried when I saw the the pics of me and poppi and me and mom hugging. It was the goodbye again, it kind of sucked. But now, it's hard to think that I almost have a year! It flew by and I am sooo amazed at what the Lord has done with me in this time! Everyone keeps telling me that months 9 to 11 are super fast, then month 12 is super slow, but then after one year, it flies by in the blink of an eye. It's just going too fast for me. I love it out here doing the work of the Lord. I've thought that when I get home, I probably will want to work for EFY and teach at the MTC and a plus side, they are religious jobs. :D

I want soooooo badly for Alex to go on a mission. I know that I still don't know like anything but I know a lot more than I would have known being in the house for these past nine months. I feel like I am just barely starting to see the potential that God has for me; just a little piece.

The Lord gives us responsibility and things depending on if we have desires or not. So, for example, if we get a no answer to a mission maybe it is because the Lord knows that we really didn't want to go, we are hearing the answer we want to hear. How we change that, we listen to the prophets. Think about all the people you would meet in the mission, the Lord will never just say, no don't go and serve for me, He will say, it is your agency to go and serve, I will be with you either way, but how much more blessed will you be if you do go and serve.This can be applied in all parts of our lives, not just a mission. Like Elder Bednar said, is our faith dependent upon the outcome we want or are we willing to submit to His will?

The work here is going good. I am learning and growing and working hard to do what my President has asked me to do in this companionship and this area. Lots are coming to church and I am super happy about that. Thank you poppi for what you said about the priesthood and helping my companions to act in the priesthood. That helped me a lot! I always feel the spirit when I hear from you and mom! I feel like we are growing more each day, closer to God! Please make sure you get away to the temple each week! There is strength in the temple! Thanks for teaching me the things I needed in my life to get me here. I am also learning a lot here in Mexico! I am thankful that God loved me enough to humble me and allow me to grow, as stated in the talk of Elder D. Todd Christoferson. Thank you for letting me make the choice to come on the mission, it allowed the Lord to humble me and make me grow in the the ways He wants. I am still growing, even being humbled every week, but I am seeing growth and help from above and from my loving family here on earth! Just, thanks for everything again, I feel like every time I give thanks, it helps me to be more humble. I like to be humble. :D

Oh thank you for the pictures! I love the family one and how Cooper is smiling too. He is super crazy! I hope he recognizes me when I get home and wow, poppi, way to make me feel the hurt! There were only 14 or 15 envelopes left. :(

I am leaving now. I love you all with my whole heart! Go to the temple and do what you need to do. Have a great week!
Love, Elder Hancock

Oh P.S. Mom this is for you!

i win :D 

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