Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Scriptures Will Bring Answers From Heaven!

Kotah would love to hear from you all! He can get your emails and if he has time he tries to get one back to you. He was thankful for all those who wrote this week. Right now, he doesn't have time to write everyone back, but he thinks of you and he loves to hear from you.


Well well well, this week was a really good week, it was super cool to see the blessings of the Lord, I will talk about that a little later in the letter.

This week I got another camera finally!!!! WAHHOOO!! Thanks mom and poppi! Soo let's hope that this one doesn't get robbed like the last one. . . . .

I am really happy to hear about everyone going on missions! And serving worthily! It was super cool to see the pics of Katherine and the Cottam family! In spanish, me alegra mucho a ver esta foto. :D I miss you all so much and welcome home, Katherine! I know you did amazing things and helped so many people on your mission.

It's been hot! On Saturday we hit a whopping 110 degrees! SUPER WOW!!! I almost died! Oh, be aware that changes are next week, so I might now write until late afternoon or evening on Monday or maybe even Tuesday, if I get changed. I do love it here, but I also have found that I miss the small towns now that I have been in the big city. I will serve where the Lord wants. That is so awesome that Dome and Blake are companions! They probably are there to have a little of a relaxed cambio ha ha :D

This week was great for super spiritual experiences, the one that I want to talk about this week is about being consegrated in the work of the Lord. I have had the ability and opportunity to see the blessings of being consegrated in the work. The definition of the word consegration is doing something that isn't easy for you to do, it is suffering a little bit to receive blessings of the Lord. So with the work of the Lord or in other words missionary work, we have to follow the words and do the things that we need to do to help the work move forth. When they are hard, and they guaranteeingly will be super hard, that is when we put ourselves aside and we are opening the heavens with a humble heart and being consegrated, to receive direct blessings from the Lord. Another thing that is in my mind and my heart right now; this week something was passing and I needed an answer. I started to ponder on what I should do, I started to read my scriptures and I prayed during the time. I got my answer that I needed, it was a miracle. I just want to bear my testimony to all of you that it is true that the scriptures will bring answers from heaven! I share that in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

So this week was great. I will write you all next week. This week I want you all to try this out; I want you all to go to the Book of Mormon with a question and have faith that Heavenly Father can help you. I testify that it will happen. Please have faith in the Lord and that miracles are possible! Go to the temple and do what you should! I LOVE YOU ALL!
Love, Elder Hancock


Mom, that isn't a win, ha ha because you don't speak french ha ha :D

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