Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just Be Yourself!

 I have TWO LETTERS this entry. I took the week off to enjoy our daughter home for her Spring Break. Thanks for understanding!

March 11, 2013


Soo this week was pretty crazy!

To start off, I am super glad to hear about the calling for Austin! It is super cool that he is going to Kenya! I knew he would go somewhere crazy like that! I hope you do some amazing things! Go through the temple as fast as you can so you can start to understand more about what you are doing. Hopefully, you won't be in the super humid jungle like I am and you will get the dry heat like Utah.

I kind of got robbed this week, I was in ciber, and someone took my camera. That is all they got! I still have all my money and everything else like that. Mom, sorry for scaring you, but I am fine, I just don't have my camera anymore. They did an investigation for the camera but no one has turned it in or anything like that, que triste! I am sorry for the loss of all the photos and momentos from the mission. I promise to take lots the rest of my mission, after I can get a new camera. I can get one here that is like my old one, but it's pink. Oh, also what do my new glasses look like? Do they look like poppi's?

I washed my ties today! Wahoooo no more stinky ties!! I was not sure how they would turn out but they came out B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! They are quite clean! :D

As for the other problem, I talked with my dl and my zone leader and I think he is going to teach our investigator now because they are in the same ward as us. We have splits with the district leader later today. It's hard but I am trying the best I can with it all.

How is it going with the work and everything? How is it going spiritually with the family? I want to say thanks for always being strong with pops and us, even when we are super dumb as your kids and as a family. I am glad that the family can always come to Heavenly Father and be better. I have seen a lot of families lately; how satan is ripping apart their families little by little. Just always be great and do the work of the Lord! That will be the thing that holds us all together in the times of war with satan!

So, I was thinking in who I am in the mission, and I had the profound thought; it was, don't try to be other missionaries, just be yourself. When you got your call, it didn't say, you are hereby called to serve as Elder Lopez, Elder Bruno, Elder whoever, in the mission Mexico Tampico. It said, Elder Hancock YOU are hereby called to serve. When you are with your friends, don't try to be them, don't try to drop who you are and what God gave you. He gave you those things for a reason! First of all, He has not given you the gifts and things you need to be this person, that person, etc. but the things He has given you are every single one of the blessings, gifts, rights, and abilities, to be YOU, to serve how He wanted YOU to serve. He doesn't want you to get lost and lose your special ability to be YOU. He wants you to keep those genuine qualities He has given you. He wants us to make those qualities better and to be able to shine as the light that we really are! YOU can be YOU every single day! Soooo just do it! When I had this thought, I was stunned at what the spirit was telling me! I was super happy that I could be me, not try to be super super strict, never smiling and not being happy. I could find the happy medium between the two, I could use the gifts God gave ME to do the better things. I could be happy in the mission while serving. This is the challenge that I have for all of you this week, I want you to be YOURSELF! You will be able to find the spirit coming to you more and more. Along with this, it eliminates stress that is not needed. Stress from others that is; we will still have stress to make ourselves better in doing what God wants us to do and that is good! Work hard this week! I say these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I am leaving now. I love you all with all my heart! Keep doing the good things, to do what God wants you to do! :D Have a great week and do what is right!

Love, Elder Hancock

P.S. I love to hear from you all!  I would love to receive letters and/or packages haha wink wink!

March 18. 2013


It's been quite the week! I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life this week, but I am glad I did it. I know that I made the right choice and I have learned a lot from this experience. I just feel so exhausted! Wow! My body just shut down this week. I was just so tired from all of the stress of it all. I am feeling less stressed now that things are being taken care of.

For those who are getting ready to serve soon (and make sure you share this with Darby). Always, ALWAYS remember that there is always an amazing reason to be one hundred percent obedient. When you are that way, you may have some hard comps; don't get discouraged, you are the blessing for them to be with you, but it will sometimes be the hardest thing you have ever done, but being one hundred percent obedient is the best decision you will ever make.

I will try to go and get the camera this week. I still have the one card so I will use it in the new camera. Thank you for that and also for getting me the new glasses. They look good on poppi, I will try not to look dorky in them. ha ha jk :D

Tell Katherine hi and I know she did amazing things on her mission. It is crazy how her mission just flew by! I can't believe that I am working on the tenth month now, ahhhhhh it flew by!  Just think mom, in like two months we will get to Skype again. That should make you smile. ha

Well, I am going to go to cut my hair now. Have a great week and do what you need to! Go to the temple and find a job! :D Thank you for everything you do for me! Do great things and I love you with all my heart!

Elder Hancock

P.S. Mom this is for you

i love you more than you could ever imagine! aun en español te amo mucho! mas que tu puedes imaginar! wahooo!!! by the way i win, in spanish, te gané!!

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