Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Am Not Superman, I Am A Man Of The Lord

hola hola hola!

We were going to go to breakfast with the other Elders today but they aren't at their house, so we came to write our letters instead.

I did not get transferred. I have at least six more weeks here and with this companion. I know this is where I am supposed to be and what I need to do. At first I was feeling a bit down in the dumps and feeling like I was worthless because I am not senior comp, then I prayed and I felt this voice telling me that, hey it's okay, in time it will be your turn, right now, you need to help him have his turn and the Mormon Message that D. Todd Christopherson gives that says, hey I am the farmer here, I know how I want you to grow, and in time you will thank me. It was in my mind the whole time, so I know there is a special plan for me. The Lord has allowed me to feel that I will have my time in the future.

Poppi, our President told us that the Ward Mission Leader is the one that holds the ward progression together, because he makes the missionaries work and the ward's work go smooth together, and we think that the Ward Mission Leader is one of the most important callings, only reserved for people who want to work. So, see now how important it is, because those missionaries don't know anything about the area, and he knows the people and what their stories are, so he has a lot of responsibility. In our eyes, as missionaries, if you have a good Ward Mission Leader, you have a great ward and vice versa. So, just be a good leader and how much more efficient their work will be.

Today, we are gonna have to sacrifice a letter for pics. How does that sound? I cannot do it all, I am not superman, I am only a man of the Lord. ha But, really it takes so long to send the pictures and I have promised for two weeks that I would send some, so I wanted to get them to you today.

Thanks for being such great parents! I love you with all that I am! :D Go to the temple and do great things! wahooo for the obra del SeƱor!

Enjoy the pictures!
Love, Elder Hancock

Baptism in Panuco of my friends.
8 of us in that little taxi

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