Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Transfers and Changes

Soooooo this weeek everyone, I am writing from a different lugar!! Guesss where… keep guessing…

aha I am serving in a part of Tampico that is named Tancol!!!!!!!!  It is a colonia or a little part of Tampico. It is close to the ocean so it is more humid here. I am loving it; I need to remember at all times though, the things I have learned in the hard times so I can be humble in the good times. So I am working on that this time!

This week was super cool! Three of my best friends and also they are investigators, just got baptized on Saturday! Their names are Hna Isabel Hernandez Rojas, Perdla Hernandez Rojas y Juan Hernandez Rojas. They are my really good friends and I am super excited for them and their progression!!!!!!!!! Like in Huejutla, it was something super cool and a lot of blessings that have changed who I am for the better!

When we had these last baptisms, I was feeling that maybe I would stay in Panuco for another change, but then after the baptisms I felt the spirit saying that I would be leaving. I am super glad that the spirit was talking to me and helping me out, by telling me that I would be going, so I was prepared. I really do love the people of Panuco with all my heart! They are a special people and are really awesome! So afterwards the other Elders were making jokes about how I knew I was going to leave. They thought I wouldn't go because I only had three months there in Panuco. I didn't say much to them about their jokes, but when we got changes, I was the only one who left. The spirit told me and that is why I had faith and knew that I would be leaving. I feel like I felt that so that I could also know that this new comp will help me to grow more.

For other news, this change of three weeks, me and my comp are opening an area. It is cool to see that President has faith that we can do this and that we will do it good. We will work hard to do that. My companion, Elder Villegas has been out 16 months and I am the junior comp, I see that as a blessing because I can concentrate on learning the area and learning more and more! I hope to learn something great from him. I will be searching and I will love him with my whole heart. Since we are opening everything, including an apartment, we have to go and get all the new stuff tomorrow from the offices in the mission. It's going to be an adventure! :D

Like I said, we have to remember the things we went through in the hard times when all hope seemed like it was lost, so that in the good times, we are able to truly change our lives in the ways that God wants!

Mom, thank you for those quotes! You are my hero!

I love you all with my whole soul! I have been humbled a lot this last change. I have seen the things that I needed to change and how to help others. I am glad that Heavenly Father has helped me to see that! PLEASE do all the things that Heavenly Father wants us to do!!!!!! I love you all and I know that this church is true!!!! I say this in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I am leaving now. I will write you next week. Have a great week and go to the temple!

Love, Elder Hancock

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  1. Love the enthusiasm he has for the work. Reminds me of a few other missionaries I know. Love the picture too, I remember doing these kinds of pictures in Victorville. Tell him to keep up the good work and to just trust that all the pain, all the illness, all the trials and especially the fun will help him deal with the life to come after the mission. As we all know. ttfn