Friday, January 4, 2013

Letter Day!!! :D

*I need to preface this letter, by way of a little explanation for the first couple of paragraphs of Dakotah's letter. We have had some set backs happen in our family this past week and a half by way of job and Dakotah is my best friend and listening ear, so I just told him a just little bit of what happened and how I was feeling about it. Those paragraphs were in answer to that email. I am thankful that he is so close to the spirit and also that his heart knows me so well. It was definitely what I needed to hear.

So, here is this week's letter. Sorry it's late, but the above mentioned happenings in our life and the holidays slowed me down on being able to sit down and get this email forwarded. Just a couple of days and it will be Monday again.

Hola familia,

First, I want you to know that you are doing the things that are right. We only receive tests and trials if the Lord knows that we can handle them and that we are going to be made better from them. So, in reality, you are one of the ones that the Lord is watching really closely right now. There is a scripture in Nephi (1 Nephi 21:15) where Jesus is talking and he asks; can a mother forget her child from birth? Of course, we all say no, that is impossible, then he says: even if it is possible that she does, I the Lord will never forget thee O house of Israel. Remember that you are part of the house of Israel, so you can put your name in there; I the Lord will never forget thee O Mimi, or Hancock family or whatever; he says that he has us engraved in his hands. Now, just think of that, if the Son of God, our brother, cannot forget us, think of the Father, he will never forget us. There is always a plan, even in the hardest of times. When we have tests and trials, it just means that a better time is coming and we are being made better people!

Alma teaches the people on the hill Odinah (Alma 32). They are sad because they can't enter into their synagogues because they are poor. Alma rejoices. He is not a cruel guy, he is rejoicing because their afflictions have humbled them and they are now humble enough to submit to God's will. They are truly blessed. So, don't think bad of the situation. This is a test and God is seeing how we are going to handle it. I know it is hard, I know more every day I am out here in the field. God wants you to stand together, be humble and continue to pray always! Sometimes when it is hard, you just have to wait it out a little bit! It sucks, ha ha but something better is ALWAYS coming ahead! Don't let that faith waver! Please don't let it waver! We are usually tested until there seems like there is no hope at all, then Heavenly Father comes in after we have done all that we can do and He saves us. Keep going to the temple every week! Have faith that the Lord will deliver you, and He will, not in your time or by your will, but in His time and by His will! I know that this is true! It is my testimony to you, my mom, that if you have faith, if you try harder than you ever have before, Heavenly Father will deliver you from your afflictions. I have learned so many things here in the mission, but one of the most important things I have learned, is that if we are humble, if we submit to the Father, we will have hard times, because we need to learn just a little more about how Christ felt that last week of His life, we need to learn just a tiny bit of what He felt. That is why we have some trials and tests, that is how we are going to learn of His life, of His atonement, His love for all of us! I testify this to you as a representative of Jesus Christ. I feel the spirit as I type these words. I know that you guys are being prepared for something better. When it comes, remember the hard times, they help us to stay humble. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Now, for other stuff. I got super sick yesterday. I got food poisoning.  I felt like death, it was horrible. I was up like every half hour to hour in the bathroom, until I finally just threw up everything and then I felt way better. I was shocked at this sickness because in my whole mission, I haven't been sick like this, so it was all new to me. I have super faith that God will help me! Like yesterday, I almost couldn't get out of bed and today I am up and walking!

I have lost a lot of weight and everyone here in Panuco says that I look a lot skinnier now than when I got here. I do eat differently than when I was in America and I do a lot of walking. Yes, Alex, I am eating yoghurt(that's how it's spelled here) but is danone flavor fresa or strawberry.

Alex, New Year's isn't exclusive of Mexico, ha ha they have everything we have(except Thanksgiving) and even a few more. And, I will probably handle it like every other holiday, write it in my agenda, wahooo and that's the celebration, so every time I look at my agenda, I am happy. ha ha I will be sleeping when the New Year comes in.

We didn't get to do too many visits this week, with the holidays and everyone doing things with their families. Tomorrow we are going to Tampico for a junta con zone, aka zone meeting and apparently, I am going up there again after that because all of the new americans have a meeting with the president, so that is good. I love president! I think it is my generation and those after me, so I will feel super old there. It was funny; I was actually talking to a guy and he thought that I was from Mexico, until he saw my name and then was shocked I wasn't from Mexico. It's weird looking, but my hair looks brown cause I am always using gel so it looks darker and I cut it before the sun can dye it more blond and I have more of a tan. ha ha

We were able to get some gas today for the shower. It's like a mile walk to get it and we have to carry the tank all that way, when we can get it which is not very often.

To answer your questions, Alex; in every single house, there is usually a crazy fast lizard or geco crawling on the wall, or floor ha ha and I think there are crocodiles in the river Panuco. No, that little boy didn't get the Guess Who game he wanted, but he did get a play station and old school games like we used to play when we were kids. It reminded me of my youth. ha ha

Poppi, how is the reading in the libro de mormon coming along? You're gonna speak spanish by the time I come home?

Well, it's time to go. I love you all and I will write again, next Monday! Have a great week and good luck in all you are doing! Keep praying for me and I will keep praying for you! Have faith! Go and do good things!

Elder Hancock

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