Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas from Mexico

For Christmas, Dakotah got to Skype us on Christmas Eve. It was such a nice gift to be able to see his face and hear his voice. We have missed him terribly. He looked great and so happy! He loves doing the work of the Lord and he loves serving among the wonderful people of Mexico. He has already made some life long friends there. 

It was fun to listen to him speak with a bit of an accent and to watch him trying to figure out the English word for things. He has forgotten many English words. He spoke some Spanish for us and it was fun to hear. 

We were able to meet his companion and say hi, as well as say hi to the family who was so kind to allow him to Skype us on their computer. We are so thankful for the wonderful members who have taken care of him for us, while he is there. It means so much. 

We were able to take the ipad outside and show him all the snow we have gotten and it was fun for he and his companion to see. 

While we were talking to him, Lisa Jackson happened to stop by and was able to say hi to him. That was a neat treat. He loves the Jacksons and thinks of Lisa as his second mom. 

He says to tell everyone he loves you, misses you, thanks you for all your love and support and to do good things! Have a Merry Christmas! 

Later, he was able to email a few pictures for us to enjoy. 

My heart is full. Best Christmas present EVER! Got to Skype and see and hear him face to face AND we got pictures. :)

Merry Christmas from Mexico

Dakotah and his companion were able to attend the Tampico Temple.

Seeing some of the sights.

This is Dakotah burning a tie for his 6 month mark.
It's crazy to think that on the 13th of January, it will be 7 months. 

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