Wednesday, December 19, 2012

News from our Missionary

 December 10, 2012


Thanks for the money. I felt horrible for having to ask for help. I pray that I won't have to do it again. I was able to pay for all the travel that my companion and I had to do.

I am trying only to concentrate on the mission and helping people and I am super sorry for all the times in my life, doing the money game with you. I finally feel like you guys when I have to worry about this type of thing. I think I am turning into you, here on my mission, I make sure there is a good reason for every peso I spend. All I bought for food this week was a little milk and bread, then I got your package and so I am eating peanut butter and goober grape for like all my food. I am glad there was alot! But, on the bright side, I have learned more and more to trust in the Lord in everything and I know He will provide, whether it is through loving parents like I have, or through other means. My Christmas package came from you guys, and Barbara Sharpe sent me a package also and it had some money in it and it has helped. On the even brighter side, we have a whole heap of menos actives coming back to church. One is an ex missionary and he along with his family, are attending like every one of the activities at the church again.

I again, thank you for being the best parents in the whole wide world, I am very lucky to have amazing parents that like to care for their son.

I watched the Together Forever video you sent, and I think I am gonna use it to teach the plan of salvation part that we can actually be together forever!

I feel impressed to say that because you are helping with the missionary money, and most importantly, doing all of your duties for the church, aka temple, and callings, you will have all the money you need to have this season and always have enough to do what you need. Please know that I am trying my hardest out here. Sometimes, God blesses us with trials such as helping out a companion, and sometimes and most preferable, it is another test that doesn't have to deal with money at all. I feel like we are like the people of the Book of Mormon, we were doing good with money and everything, but God wants to know if we will stay true to Him, when there is no money to go around at all, so He gives us tests to see how loyal we are to Him, if we keep doing the things we need to do, then we will be blessed in the end, exactly like Job in the Bible.

I would like to thank you for staying good and going to the temple every week. I will try to do all that I can do for the Lord at all times! I love you and am super thankful for parents who have made the church important in their lives and for parents that have raised me in the ways that the spirit has told them to.

I love you, keep doing good things. Please tell everyone who sent stuff to me in my package, thank you! I LOVED everything! It's all fantastic! Thank you Lisa and Jackson family for the Goober Grape! One of the bottles shattered all over the package, and got on my new garments, but it's all good, there is not even one stain on them now, I washed them and they are sparkling white. ha And we still ate some of it. :)

Well, I have to go and do work now, thank you for the help, the package and everything. Remember that I love you more than you love me. hahaha Have a great day! I will talk to you soon! :D

Elder Hancock

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