Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Letter Day! It's ALMOST Christmas!

hola hola hola!!!!!!!!

Hello to all and everyone! Sorry that I didn't write much last week, I was super busy! It is super hard to write a long letter sometimes, especially with all the work we do!

Soo I will fill you in on things I am doing in my life as a missionary, this week was pretty great. We had the opportunity to go to the temple and it was just paradise. I love the temple every time I go! The family that was getting sealed is a family that was baptized by my comp, Elder Bruno! It was super cool to see them making these covenants in their life. During this time, all I could think about was the blessings of it in my life! And the blessings of my family that is sealed in the temple for time and all eternity! Also in the temple I learned a whole heap of things about the atonement and about the plan of salvacion! About the plan of salvacion, I had the thought about the scripture in doctrine and covenants that says that these trials are small, but if we endure them well, meaning if we are faithful, prayerful, humble, and happy, through these trials, great will be our reward in the kingdom of my Father, and when Christ says great will be your reward, I believe it is more amazing than anything we could ever imagine! I related this unto my tests that I have as a missionary, if I can endure these tests well, in that meaning of the word, then I will have an amazing reward later on!

Now for a spiritual thought, if that wasn't spiritual enough ha soo this week I have had amazing opportunities to help give priesthood blessings. The blessings were mostly for people in the ward, but a lot to my comp also. It was amazing to see how I knew exactly what to say and when the blessing was done, I just felt to stop and end the blessing. I really feel like I was guided by the spirit, especially cause I don't quite know everything of spanish quite yet, so it was a little hard to speak in tu instead of usted for the blessings. My testimony is that God guides those who are worthy and ready for his help, He knew exactly what I needed to say in those blessings and I said them. I feel and felt the peace and assurance of the Holy Ghost after ending the blessings, so I know that I said exactly what needed to be said! Also, I want to testify that it is directly because I was and am praying for opportunities to use my priesthood that we are ready and blessed with the opportunity to give blessings and help people out.

I have a new companion this change, his name is Elder Robles. He is from Chihuahua. He is taller than me. Elder Bruno, got super sick last night and this morning we had to go to the medic and get him shots and all sorts of medicine. It was crazy. He is going to Tampico today and will go home tomorrow.

I have six months in the mission now, and burned a tie on the thirteenth for that. ha

I think that that is all! I encourage all of you to have a maravilloso navidad!!!!!!!!! Everyone! go on missions! Enter the temple and make those covenants that will save you in the long run! Help others who can't help themselves because they are dead! You will find the truest love in the whole world when you are doing work for them! And how great will be your joy if you help many souls come into the kingdom of the Father! I love you all and know you all will do what is great! Keep doing all that you need to do and remember that I love you all!!!!
Elder Hancock

I will speak to you face to face on Monday. Check your email. I may send a message first, so you can be ready for the Skype.

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