Saturday, January 12, 2013

Holes in my Shoes and Changes on the Horizon

*Sorry that this is late, yet again. Our life has been CRAZY this past few weeks and it seems I don't have time to sit down and read and get this sent out in a timely manner. I will read it on the fly and not be home where all my information and emails are, so then I have to wait to get home and get it done and before I know it, it's Friday and I still haven't gotten it out. UGH… please forgive me!

hola hola hola!!!

I am glad to hear about all the good news of missions and weddings and what not! It is super great to see that people are doing what the Lord wants of them. It's horrible to see someone wasting what the Lord has blessed them with. The more and more I learn about the atonement, I find that it's necessary to serve Heavenly Father and his Son in their work, to show my gratitude for what they have done for me!!

This week, my first pair of shoes finally got a hole in the bottom. It's a lot of money to fix them, so I guess I will only wear that pair on days I am not walking a lot. ha ha

Thank you for the pics. They are good. I love them all. Please tell everyone, I am sorry that I don't have much time to write each person separately, but I am thankful for their letters. Please keep writing!

We will have changes on the 27th of this month and then the next change is only three weeks because they are trying to keep up with the differences in the age change and the time spent in the MTC changes, and then it will go back to the normal 6 weeks. Because of that, I might get 2 or 3 weeks cut off my mission because I have to leave on a transfer and with this change in transfers, it might make the transfer I go home, be on the 28th or 29th of May rather than the 18th of June. I don't know for sure, but we don't have to worry about that right now. It's just so great that they are receiving so many people that they are having to make these changes! I love to see so many wanting to serve missions! The mission is the best decision you will ever make, I encourage everyone to go!

I don't know if I will go or stay this change or not, but I had the thought come to me yesterday, when everyone was sharing their testimonies, that I have been able to help strengthen these members in this ward while I've been here. I love to hear of their beautiful testimonies. If I do go this change, I am happy at what the Lord has helped me to do with my time here.

Our investigators are moving right along, reading the Book of Mormon everyday and are very excited about the gospel. I am so glad for them. :D

Mom, I know what you mean by seeing a change in people's eyes. I have seen it in many people here, when they turn their lives over to the Lord. I hope that I have had that change in my eyes too, because I feel like I have.

For this week, to start off, my comp has had super bad problems with migraines in his life, like hospitalized bad. So Thursday night he got one and we had to go to the doctor! We were there until like two in the morning in the freezing cold! Soo after that we went home and he tried to sleep it off, we have been trying to do that for like a week almost now! I think that later this week we are going to Tampico to see his doctor there. Other than that, I have been on splits with other missionaries and what not so we can keep the work going in our area. I am still sick and have been for like three weeks now, I have a really bad cough, and I feel like my fever might come back but I am still pushing along! I will go to the doctor if it gets worse, but first I am going to buy some super meds and get a blessing. I am glad you reminded me to get a blessing, mom. I think I want to be strong and always want to do things for others that I forgot about me and so I will be humble and get one now.

This week I was on splits with another missionary named Elder Tsosie (pronounced like sosi) he is from Arizona so he speaks English. Anyway, we were teaching in his area and we showed up to the house of his investigator and we wanted to teach the law of chastity, he doesn't like teaching that lesson ha ha but we started to teach this hermana and the spirit told us something different, so we just taught about how God is and always will be there for her, He will never leave her alone. I was preaching with my testimony and said, imagine the love you have for your kids, now multiply that by how many kids Heavenly Father has. That is only the beginning of how much love He has for all of us. I was starting to cry when I was bearing my testimony, she was also, and the other member we had with us was, also. For just a brief moment I was able to see or feel just how much love God has for us. I felt the love of Heavenly Father so much that I was crying and I was burning from the spirit! I am thankful for that moment in my mission! My testimony really is; you are all children of God, He loves you more than you can ever even begin to imagine! Another thing I want to share is that when we have trials and hard times, we learn a whole heap of things! The real test is that when we have these tests and learn these things, that when we have the great easier times after, to keep using the things that we have learned in the hard times and not to be lazy just because we don't have hard times anymore. I have seen this. I do it all the time, when it is easy, I forget the things I learned, when it is hard I learn them again. It is my goal to remember the things I have learned at all times whether they are hard or easy! That is my challenge for all of you this week, please keep in your mind and in your hearts always, the things that you have learned, the spiritual growth you have seen and all that you have learned. It is a promise to you all that if you do this, you will see the growth and you will be happier overall. I know this is true because I am testing it out everyday and the Lord is helping me to see this promise!

Keep trying to do all that you can do and preparing for what the Lord has in His plan for you all! I know this church is true because of the assurance of the spirit that I feel when I teach, when I say that statement, and when I am living the gospel! Please grow! I love you all and hope all is going well with the family. Keep up in that temple! Do great things!
Love, Elder Hancock

P.S. Please let all those in the family who are going through trials or hard times, that they are in my prayers and I love them.

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