Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Transfers and Changes


Today was transfers and they transferred me because they put sisters in my area. I am now in Zone Ampliacion, in Tampico. I am the zone leader with an elder named, Elder Flores. He is my nephew, like my brother in the mission is Elder Conte, because he was trained by Elder Lopez before I was, and then Elder Conte trained Elder Flores, and I was there when it all happened. I would never have thought that we would be serving together as companions and now we are opening an area, so that is way cool. My last area in Tampico was on the left side or to say, the front of the airport and now I am on the other side, or to say I am closer to the beach than before. Also, I have my MTC comp here and Elder Christiansen here. It's great! 

This week it was hot in Valles and now I got to Tampico and it is freezing!! ha ha We got to meet with Elder Johnson of the Seventy this past week. He is the area President of the Mexico Area. Search him. He is so AWESOME! Well, after that, on Saturday, I get called by the zone leaders and they ask me what I was doing for that day, so I answered normally and then they asked if I wanted to come to Tampico, so I said yes. Then we got there in the zone leader leadership conference or training meeting, I was just an invite, and well, we spent another like two hours talking to President Johnson. It was super awesome!!! And now they called me as a zone leader and we are opening the area. It is humbling but I did ask the Lord to help me to be humble, so I will be humble and learn! 

I am sorry this is so short but because I had to travel today, I did not get much time to write. Hopefully next week, I will have more time. 

Have a great week! Go to the temple!! Do all the great things!! Thank you for all you do for me. I love you all!!

Love, Elder Hancock

P.S. Mom can you tell Darby that started an email to her but I couldn't finish it and will finish it next week. 

Oh and I love you MOST!!! I WIN! 

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