Monday, June 17, 2013

A Decision Now Affects The Future

Everyone, last week, Dakotah had a storm on p-day and so he didn't get to write home. So we were really glad to hear from him this week.

hola familia,

It's been a crazy week. I am acting as the District Leader for now. Next week is transfers though, and I have already six months here in the area, so I might be in a different area next week.

Thank you for the pictures of Nathan. He is going to love it here in Mexico! Tell Lander good luck next week! He and Nathan are going to be awesome missionaries.

Hey, Elder Parry and his family are going to come down to pageant this week or next week. He is super excited to see papi as Brigham Young. He said they will get ahold of you to meet you and say hi. He is one of my best friends ever! Let him know I love him a lot when you see him!

So, this week I have been studying how the decisions we make in our missions aren't only the decisions we make in the mission. I was thinking about the decision to work and not just sit at the house of members all day; that affects my family in the future because I will have to make the decision to go to work to supply for my family, to work to raise my children, to help them along to find the right path and to be able to love them the whole time. I love to think about how about how these decisions affect our future, if we follow them and make them in a correct way, then we ill have an easier time doing it again in the future with our children and families, if not, then that hard decision will still be standing in front of us and we will have to get over the mountain eventually.

Also, this week, I have been thinking a lot about the importance of really letting ourselves become converted to this gospel. First, when we do things, let them be from our hearts, let them change us. Don't be scared of the doctrine of the gospel, follow the counsel of the prophets with all you have and really put your trust in them to help you through. Another thing is that we can all use our priesthood more fully, I don't know if I have said this before, but I have been praying for opportunidades to use the priesthood, to be able to really minister to the people of my area. That doesn't just mean to go forward and to throw the lessons at others, but to really go to them, find those who need to be blessed, but to start that, to ask Heavenly Father who needs us today? What is the errand that you want me to do today? And to finish, actually having the honor to go and do like Nephi, to do the Lord's work, to go and to love others. I bare testimony that this will help all of you to be more and more converted in the work of the Lord! It is what God wants us to do, to use the power he has blessed us with to "run His errands". I love this gospel with all my heart, might, and strength! I fall a lot of the time but I am seeing just how much Heavenly Father is picking me up off the ground and helping me to do and be all that He wants me to be! Please remain faithful in the times of hardship and doubt. There is always help waiting for us! I love you all, I am just barely starting to understand just a little grain of how much Heavenly Father loves His children! You all have a divine role and a plan! Let Him help you with that plan! I bare testimony to all of you of all of this, as a servant of the Lord, in His sacred name, Jesus Christ. Amen.

On another note, we had a baptism this week! His name is Eduardo Ibarra! His family is a great family we have been working with! His dad baptized him.

I love you all!  Have a GREAT WEEK! Do great things!

Love, Elder Hancock

p.s. Mom… I LOVE YOU MOST!

walked on water for my year mark...ha ha ha

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