Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Broken Space Bars and Power Of The Priesthood


The space bar and keyboard are tripping out so I am trying to work with them. Mom, you might have to fix the places it messes up before you send it out. It's my worst enemy right now. ha ha I am just realizing how many e's there are in the English language because the e is not working every time either. This may be short this week. I also tried sending pictures but they are having trouble going out today and so I will try again next week. I will hopefully get a better keyboard then.

I am having a good week and I love the work. The temperatures are above the hundreds. It is dastardly. ha ha I am glad to hear poppi is going to be Brigham Young in the pageant. He will do awesome.

Tell Nathan to get ready for the best experience of his life so far!!! If he is going to the Provo MTC; I heard that they are going to start to send them to the new Mexico MTC three weeks into their stay so he might get to do that.

This week I have been studying in the Bible a lot!! I have been learning a lot about Christ's example for us. He has always set the perfect example! In my insight this week, if you want to have more power in your priesthood, you have to be worthy, be doing the things like praying, reading, and going to church, but the other thing is having the willing want to serve others. This is super hard to develop, sometimes I feel like I am struggling with that a lot. Sure I serve, but I want it to always be out of pure want to do it, not because of just, it is what we do. There is a difference. I have thought about the power given, when you are being like Jesus, when the leper came to him and asked if he wanted to heal him. Jesus said I will, or to say, I want to. That has helped me to see the example of Jesus in my life, saying that he was willingly wanting to serve. Therefore, amongst other reasons, He had power to heal the sick. If we can serve our enemies even when we don't want to, it causes a change in our hearts, something we cannot explain, that is what gives us the more pure power in the priesthood. My challenge to all is that you can serve someone this week, but be it someone who actually NEEDS it. Then try to the see the change in the power of your priesthood. I testify that this is true with all the love of my soul, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love you all! Keep doing all you need to do! Have a great week! Go to the temple.
Love, Elder Hancock

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