Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letter Day is here Again!

Hi everyone! Sorry I didn't get Kotah's letter out last week! He didn't write until way late and then we had Thanksgiving stuff to do and so I am sending you both letters this week! Double the news! lol


This week, we, as a companionship received another companion. President wanted us to help him out. Our job was to help him to get back into the work. We were talking and both felt the impression that the reason he was here with us, was because he needed to learn to truly love the people he was serving and how important that was in his mission. We didn't sit him down and talk with him, or anything like that but we led by example and I think that is what changed his heart. So, long story short, is that today when we were leaving the house, we got a call from president and it was to tell us that he was leaving. We had done our job. I know that we did our job because I prayed about it afterwards and I felt the same way I did when I left Huejutla. It was great to know that we had done our job and helped him out. I didn't get to write until late because we were helping him pack and whatnot all day.

Tomorrow, we have interviews with the president. I love president and hermana Jordan! They are awesome!

I spoke some english this week with some of the members and I speak with an accent now. ha ha I only speak english on p days when I write you guys so it's hard to speak it now.

I love the Little Caesar's guy! You two make a great team!

Well, I have to leave now. Sorry this is short. We are going to eat with an hermana and going to teach her daughter who is inactive and we are going to help activate her in the church. :D

I love you all and know that you are doing great things. Have a great week and do what the Lord wants you to!
Wahoooo! I love the mission!

Elder Hancock


hola hola hola! This week was amazing! It was super busy but I had a lot of super cool spiritual insight, but for other news, I am doing amazing!

We had interviews this week with president and we talked about how I felt about our experience and how me and my comp had the same spiritual insight on what we could do to help, which was to help him learn to love more. And he also told me that I needed to make sure to email my mom each week.

This week I have been studying in Alma 32 about how we need to let this seed grow into a super beautiful tree! I had the thought that there are three major things that we need to help this seed grow, the first is that for all seeds to grow, we always need to have soil or ground that is good, we compare this soil to the bible in mark or really all of them when Jesus taught about the planter and how the different seeds couldn't grow unless they were planted in rich soil. He later tells that these are like people. If they are planted in rich soil, they can have the seed grow. I compare this soil unto your environment and how the people around you have major effects on what you do! Second, is one other thing that is necessary, it is water. If you plant a seed in perfect soil but don't water it, nothing will happen. This water is the food, the food in our spiritual seeds is doing things like reading, praying, going to church, fasting, etc. things that bring the spirit into your life. The third thing that is needed is always, light! Light is the final and most important thing that we must have in our lives for this spiritual seed to grow! What is light in our lives? Think really hard . . . . . . . . .  the light of Christ is the light in our lives! It is necessary for us to have the light of Christ in our lives for this spiritual seed to grow! If we do not have His light then we are in some serious trouble! You ask, how can we have the light of Christ in our lives? Well, we are promised in the scriptures and also again in the Doctrine and Covenants that if we are actively doing the things that we need to do, like reading with intent to learn, praying for answers, going to church; first of all a desire will start to grow in us to continue doing these things, but most of all, we will be blessed with more light and knowledge! So if we do and have all three of these things, we will have a beautiful tree grow in our hearts and its roots will be so deep that not even the biggest of machines can uproot them. After this, the scripture says, in essence, that we have to continue to keep doing these things so our trees will bring forth fruits! I have a lot more to say on this subject but I don't have time to write it all! Read that chapter and you will have amazing insights into how you need to do things and the blessings you will have!

I had a baptism this week, it was a baptism of three, two sisters and another boy from another family, his name is Diego. The girls are Alexa and Marleny! It was super awesome! The dad of the two girls just got baptized and got the priesthood last week, so it was way cool that he got to baptize his girls!

My comp is sick. He has a parasite or something like that. We have to go and get him super medicine that hermana Jordan told us to get. Keep him in your prayers. I know you worry mom. I am being careful, but hermana Jordan told me that every elder gets one, so I'm just waiting for it, the words from the blessings before my mission are fresh in mind though, that I will not get sick like super sick, I will get the average illness but I won't get super sick if I am taking care of myself.

I am still not sure how we will do the call at Christmas, mom. I would like to Skype because it is more affordable for you guys. My comp says the Mexican Elders just like to call their parents but it's a lot of money to call Mexico from the States  and I feel like Skype is better for the Americans because it is less money. I will let you know what I find out.

I love you all and keep doing the right thing! Keep searching the scriptures and Heavenly Father will help you to understand them as you do! I am super happy and proud of you all (my friends and family) for acting on the spirit and deciding to serve missions!!! They are the absolute best things in the world if you let them change your heart!

Elder Dakotah Hancock

 View from Dakotah's room in the early morning.

Dakotah and his companion, Elder Bruno

Baptism this week, Alexa, Marleny and Diego

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