Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Letter Day, Letter Day, Letter Day!

Well hello dear family!!!!

So, this week was great! I love the new area but I feel uncomfortable sometimes cause I feel like I should be in humble ole Huejutla. haha I talk about how we did things in Huejutla all the time with the other Elders. We don't have hot water here and still wash our clothes the same way as we did in Huejutla. The food is good. We had one meal this week that originated in Huejutla. They have different frijoles here than in Huejutla though, it is only black there and here is the other.
My comp thinks that I am Jeffery R. Holland, when he was younger, of course, but he always calls me Elder Holland and holds the pic of him in the Liahona up to my face and compares us. ha ha

This week an hermana couldn't feed us so she gave us money to buy food so Elder Bruno and I bought chinese food. It was delicious when we were eating it but later that night we paid the price ha ha! I don't know if we will eat there again. ha ha.

This week we got new rules in the mission. We cannot contact, cannot baptize, cannot baptize anyone under the age of 14, every lesson pretty much has to be with a member, and a couple of other things. It was crazy when we got the rules, but I am happy that I am in this mission so I can tell my kids that I was in the mission when the word "missionary" changed from someone who just goes out and tries to do what the Lord wants and baptizes or something like that; to someone who helped a whole ward or stake come back to church and save themselves in the kingdom of heaven!!! It is called the work of salvation and it is definitely a harder way of working, but I know that we will all be benefited by it! I know that presidente has revelation for us all in the mission so I trust that the Lord is working thru him for the best!

Well, I was having a hard time this week and satan was in my thoughts making me feel not good enough or things like that, you all know, those kind of days, but I was praying really hard and I remembered the scripture that God will not allow us to have a temptation above that which we are able to overcome with His help. This thought really helped me cause I saw that Heavenly Father will not give me any temptation, doubt, thought, or anything, unless he already knows that I can overcome it for the better, praying for help the whole time. Satan just tries to get me down on myself and it's super hard but every time he does, I pray and Heavenly Father is there EVERY TIME. I know that Heavenly Father will help me at all times. This thought that I had was an answer to my prayers and also to a lot of other prayers. I have also seen that God does things in his own time. I love the answers we receive and how we can notice an answer to a prayer along time down the road!

I was thinking about how I felt super happy when I felt that I had done everything that the Lord wanted me to do, in Huejutla and I related this to that we could have the same feeling when we are finishing the mission, and also when we are finishing this life. If we do all that we can, at all times, then we can have the greatest feelings of peace and joy, of happiness and of faith, not fear for death, but a hope and knowledge that it is really only the beginning of an amazing journey!

I LOVE to hear about all of the mission calls, and I know that they will be tested in ways that they don't even know! I know that the Lord is strengthening me to be the man he wants me to be! I have noticed that with Elder Lopez I learned to work very hard! And with Elder Bruno, I have learned that I can have fun while doing the hard work. :D

Tell Ty, that I love him and the mission is the best decision in his life yet! He will have tests that will push him to the limit and then right off the edge of the cliff; it is then that God can help us learn to fly and become who He wants us to be!

There is GREAT news for everyone, gather around and read this! When I was in the MTC, I weighed 225-230 pounds; I was huge! But, now, I have dropped like 30 pounds and I am sitting at a wonderful 198-200 pounds!! I can't believe that I have dropped 30 pounds! I can finally see the muscles… ha ha I am grateful that the Lord has blessed me with the ability to drop the weight so I can do His work better.

I don't have time to send any pictures today and the internet has been slow today, so I will try to send some next week. Thank you for the pictures grandma and thank you mom and poppi for the pictures. You look foreign to me. It's crazy! Without the sling and todo poppi looks a little different. ha ha
I love you all and do amazing things!
Elder Hancock

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