Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Area, New Companion


I am doing good. It's been a good week. I am short on time so this won't be too long today. I will write more next week. 

I love my comp, he is a real awesome guy! He really feels the gospel in his life! I love the area! I already have the majority learned. Valles is really different from Victoria. It is the smallest area that I have had yet, but I have a little ejido just outside of town, like a twenty minute drive, we are working a lot there. I am learning to speak Huasteco. We speak it to the members. 
"Talk to you later" is taeku tzu´ushín. I am trying to learn to pray in it. Padre is Paílom and Heavenly Father is Pulík Paílom or to say Great Father. To say goodbye brother, it is ma´kalam ept´chal.  It's so cool! 

Ahhhhhhhhhh…. I am SUPER HAPPY for Daniel!!!! HE will be a GREAT missionary!! Has Darby heard anything yet about her going back out? 

Yes mom and papi, I am actually going to be sending flight plans here in a little while when they send them to me. I have a paper to hand in to the secretary and then he buys the tickets, so it should be in the next month or so. It also says that you have to get an appointment with President Averett to release me and that you also need to plan to pick me up at Salt Lake Airport. 

I hope you all have a great week and do good things! Go to the temple!!!!! 

Papi, you are making me sooo happy to be your son and hear these things from the Lord, you are putting in plan! 

And mom, I love you MOST! I WIN! 

Love, Elder Hancock

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