Monday, November 4, 2013

Climbing the Mountain...


Mom, I loved the Abinadi thing; I just said in my mind, there is the mother with the super testimony!!!!!!

The week has been good and I have been working really hard with my comp. My brain was a bit cloudy but I took to the fast. It helped, as I knew it would! I have been worried about money, I don't know why I never have any, even when I am good with it, it is never there! I am kind of sick of it! I don't want this to carry on to my family after the mission, so I am going to try to be the most strict person I can be so that I always have enough. I have gone months in my mission not buying food because I know I can do it, I guess I am just frustrated.

We climbed the mountain today, to take pics with the flag! We have to have permission from Pres. to do it, so it was authorized and we were safe. I didn't get hurt. I actually stayed behind to help my comp get up okay, because it was hard for him, so we were the last ones to get up.

Please tell Darby I wrote her, to be watching for it. She is in my prayers.

I am loving the work! It is now time to go so I am going to print some things from president and leave. I will talk to you next week.

I love you all! Do all the good things!

And mom,  I   WILL   ALWAYS  WIN!!!! I LOVE YOU MOST! I WIN! :)

Love, Elder Hancock

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